Google Maps – 7 Invisible Places


When you open Google Maps, you can go wherever you want, but there are 7 places which cannot be seen.

The first one is the Volkel Air Base located in the Netherlands, and according to the WikiLeaks, 22 Nukes from the Cold War era are placed here by the United States Government.

In Spain, near the Mediterranean Sea is a completely black area on Google maps and it is believed that this area is the base of the US Air Force’s 875th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron used for supervising of this territory.

Another invisible place is the hill above the Taiwan capital Taipei, where the National Security Bureau is located. Only one path leads to this facility, and it cannot be seen on satellite images.

The whole Israel is also hard to see clearly in Google Maps. If you zoom in, you will be disappointed because all of the buildings are blurred.

The next location is in Geilenkirchen, Germany where the NATO Air Base is located. Google Maps doesn’t allow you to see this facility and everything is completely blurred.

Something is also hidden near Spanish town Cartagena, but there isn’t much information about this area.

The United States and Mexico are separated by the Rio Grande, but one part near Hudspeth County in Texas is unclear, without any specific reason.

We are pretty sure that there are at least few more places that are hidden on Google Maps. If you know any other feel free to add those into the comments section below.