Google Inc (GOOG) Slams The Australian Legislation About Piracy Site-Blocking


The internet giant Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has stated that it’s better to cut-off advertisements from piracy sites than blocking them. Google’s comment has come within a month since the Australian Government introduced a new legislation that would allow all the right holders to place an injunction on Internet Service Providers. With the help of this injunction, no ISP will be allowed to make available overseas piracy websites to Australian Internet users.

How Things Will Be Taken Forward

All the right holders will have to demonstrate clearly that the primary objective of any website is for infringement of copyright. Unless the right holders update about the primary objective of the website, Federal Court will not order ISPs to block it. Even though the right holders have welcomed this decision of the government, but Google doesn’t agree with it. According to the company, site blocking is not the only way left to stop piracy in Australia or any other country.

Google stated in a report that analysts conducted a detailed research some time back according to which anti-piracy efforts that were directed towards blocking the content of websites had never succeeded in the past. According to the internet giant, a better solution to fight piracy can be to offer more attractive and legitimate solutions to users. At the same time, if no advertisements are offered to piracy sites, it will become very difficult for them to survive. Government’s decision to introduce site blocking can have unintended consequences in the future.

According to Google, if sites serving pirated content are blocked from access, there are strong possibilities that they will come up with a VPN or virtual private network. It could affect the technology world in the ways no one has thought of. The final decision is yet to come; hence, the Senate may think about this situation from Google’s point of view.