Google Inc (GOOG) Launched Cloud Platform Mobile Console For Android OS


Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) recently announced that it launched the new mobile console for Android operating system. The Cloud platform offered by Google to the Android OS is meant primarily for management.

Optimized for the Android Devices

The new Cloud Platform of Google is available pan mobile devices operating on the Android system. These include smartphones and tablets. The unique feature is mobile dashboard, which enables a user to get alerts in relation to statuses as well as the real-time accessibility and visibility. Meanwhile, Android Cloud Platform also enables alerts regarding the performance as well as health of those solutions which are functioning on Computer Engine or Google App Engine.

Beneficial move

The Google Cloud Platform Product Manager, Michael Thomsen, in the blog, suggested that this new platform might also include the billing estimate, service status data and info regarding Cloud Platform, along with the monitoring graphs.

Saving the IT resources

The app like this will offer benefits during updates, in later stages. In case, the issues like outages or bugs arise in future, this app will prove to be highly advantageous, thereby allowing the IT professionals’ and departments’ resources (money and time) in getting hold of problems faster.
This will be even more beneficial for the companies which outsource the IT services from others. Internal IT is not always available to some of the companies, at all times.

In relation to this aspect, Thomsen explained that while troubleshooting the IT-related issues, one need to have access to the properties as well as health of the resources, for example, IP, zone and running state. Also, there is a facility of citing a range of core operations like starting or stopping of the Computer Engine or changing the version of App Engine.

Initially, the Cloud Console on the Android platform shall be launched in Beta and will be accessible for downloading through Google Play. Apart from this, Google is also working on its iOS version, even though the release date has not been confirmed yet.