Google Home VS Amazon Echo


Voice-controlled assistants are becoming popular, and we have Apple’s Siri, Windows Cortana and Google Voice as the ones everyone knows about. In this article, we will compare two high-end systems – Google Home and Amazon Echo – and see which one is better.

With both Amazon Echo and Google Home you can call other people without using your hands. They also have a tall, rounded design, but according to the Cnet report, the Google Home has a curved form, while the Echo is a bit sharper. Speaking of Echo, it comes in both black and white colors, but that is about it, and you cannot customize anything. Its form is cylindrical and it features a single LED ring light at the very top.

On the other hand, Google Home comes with a curved design that reminds us of a wine glass, and it is much smaller than the Echo. There are four LEDs on the top of the speaker which is sloped, and the device looks very fancy.

The Echo has a physical dial for volume, and if you want to mute or activate it, you would have to use buttons. Unlike the Echo, Google Home comes with a capacitive touch control panel, but it has a physical button for mute. When it comes to which one is prettier, we leave you to decide, but Google Home has the edge over the Echo when it comes to customization ability.

Alexa digital assistance and Google Assistant are incorporated in the Amazon Echo and Google Home respectively. Alexa can understand even a series of commands, but they need to be basic, and it is well-known for poor jokes. On the other side, the Google Assistant is integrated into Google’s architecture, and it doesn’t require a lot of information. With Google Home, you can transfer your shopping list to your smartphone if necessary which is a cool feature.

The Google assistant is context-aware because of its two-way natural language processing algorithm, which also makes the device more natural. Amazon Echo is much louder than the Home, and if you want to fill a large room with good-quality sound, this is the better choice. However, the speaker placement on the Echo will make you believe that the sound is coming from far away.

Which one do you prefer?