Alphabet Inc’s Google Introduces Data Loss Prevention for Business Gmail


To improve security on its product, Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s Google for Work, Google will introduce data loss prevention tool for Gmail and some of its other popular services.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP), the tool that will be introduced, is a technology that will see to it that little or no important data slips through the system. Data leaks in many ways, but emails top the list of causes of data leakage. Storing data on cloud software is also another major cause of data leakage.

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s Google will introduce DLP on Gmail for Work with an aim of reducing data leakage through emails. DLP functions by monitoring all traffic, in this case, data in the form of emails, from the business. DLP will achieve this by acting as a gateway device or internet firewall.

DLP will inspect and scrutinize all data leaving the business via email. All the components of the email will be crosschecked and matched to some predetermined and configured rules and regulations. If any component of the email violates a preconfigured rule, it is automatically blocked. One of the components of an email that could make DLP block the email from being sent is if the email contains information as sensitive as a client’s credit card number.

Before an organization can begin using DLP effectively, they have to configure the rules, categorize files and set relevant priorities. DLP is very convenient in the sense that it can analyze stationary data (data in a database), data that is in action (data that is being utilized by an application and data that is in movement (data being sent via email). Is this not the definition of convenience?

Apart from this, the management of an organization can use a set of keywords to filter the data and configure DLP to a specific action for all the different keywords set. For instance, DLP can be configured to return the email to the sender, discard the email or place the email in quarantine to await further analysis.

“From today, unlimited Google Apps clients will have their DLP more secure in that sensitive information will have no chance of leaking to the wrong people,” Google said.