Google cold storage competes with Amazon Glacier, cheaper deals


Who would have thought of having cold storage on the Internet? Well, if you are well aware of Amazon Glacier, then you wouldn’t be surprised if Google would be offering great deals for its own Coldline storage.

Coldline is the name for the Internet search giant’s storage mechanism in the cloud. Recently, they are sprucing up its features to include new storage categories at cheaper prices. There are now four different kinds of storage in the Google cloud. There is the Multi-regional, Regional, Nearline and Coldline storage. Each of these categories offer affordable service for various types of data storage.

Coldline is directed towards long term storage. These are data that are not used very often. They may even be accessed only once in year. Google offers a fairly low price for this type of storage. With only seven cents, you can already 1GB storage space in the cloud every month. Although, you will have to pay five extra cents access fee for every gigabyte.

As already mentioned, the purpose for Coldline is long-term storage. It is designed for safekeeping your data in Google’s archives. That is probably the reason you would have to pay for an access fee. That would somehow prevent illegal access to information in your storage space.

This recent pricing for Coldline puts Google equal in stature with Amazon who is also operating its own cold storage called Glacier which is also at seven cents for every gigabyte per month.

Nearline storage is for backup purposes. These are data that are accessed not so frequently but more often than cold storage. This service is available at just a cent per gigabyte per month.

Multi-regional is the worldwide tier. It enables users to store data in various locations across the globe. This service is very beneficial for multinational companies. In case there is network outage in one region, there is a backup storage for one’s data in another region. This also allows quick access to information for all users worldwide.

The storage service is priced at $0.026 per GB per month. It serves the United States, the European Union as well as Asia.

Lastly, there is the regional storage class. This storage is useful for people who need to use Google’s computing services such as data analytics. This storage class will only cost you $0.02 for every gigabyte every month.

Prices for API operations will also be reduced starting November 1, according to Google. These operations are organized into two classes. The first class will be priced at $0.005 for every 1.000 operations. The second class is at $0.004 for every 10.000 operations.

The new storage classes with their consequent deals will be available to many of Google’s partners in the cloud storage industry.