Google, Box Partners for Docs and Springboard integration


There is a new buzz in town and this is connected to BoxWorks annual conference which is an enterprise content for cloud platform providers. At the conference, Google’s SVP, Daine Greene and CEO of Aaron Levie, made an announcement of a partnership which will see Box becoming a 3rd party storage option for Google Sheets and Slides, Doc. This will make Box-stored content to be searchable through Google Springboard.

The Box will be another option for Google to store its spreadsheets, documents, slide presentations allowing previous users of Box to work smoothly from their account with Box. This will come in handy as many people use Box for cloud-based storage because it suites businesses, and make use of Google for collaboration and creation.

By this partnership, users will make use of Google Springboard which is an enterprise-focused search engine that acts as a digital assistant that surfs content across the user’s Google Apps. It makes use of AI to present options to the user on what they should go for and when.

By implication, the new Box link-up for Springboard will show the content that is stored in its enterprise accounts making use of searches that are alongside Googles-stored information.

People may wonder why Google would want to partner with Box since they have their own cloud storage that is yielding revenue for it, but the consideration here is what both customers of both parties stand to benefit. They are after what will work best for the customers regardless of the differences between Google Drive and Box offers.