Google Android Smartwatches Arrive in 2017


The wearable platform from Google has gone through some issues recently. The v2.0 update to the platform was supposed to be launched in the fall, but it has been delayed until January 2017. Another problem is that Motorola backed away. However, the update will be released, while Google has officially confirmed that two new smartwatches will arrive in early 2017.

Android Wear product manager Jeff Chang told The Verge that the new watches will be released so that the new version of Wear is promoted. These watches will be the first one with the Wear, but some other devices will be updated later on.

According to the leak from Android Police, the codenames of these two watches are Angelfish and Swordfish. One of them will be large, whereas the other one will be smaller but also with lower specs. They will have the branding of the original equipment manufacturer. Chang will not reveal the name of the company with which Google cooperated on the production of these two gadgets. This company has made smartwatches in the past, so we guess that it is Huawei that will be working alongside with Google. Note that Huawei helped with the production of Pixel, but because they were not allowed branding rights, the company decided to abandon the project.

Android Wear 2.0 will come out with Android Pay support, a feature which was long-anticipated. Moreover, additional customization of watch faces will be available, whereas the users will also have a mini keyboard.