Goldberg On If He Will Return To WWE Again


Goldberg was back in the WWE after being gone for almost thirteen years. He really didn’t like how he ended his initial run with the company. His return, in his mind, was all about re-writing all the wrongs that he, and Brock Lesnar, have done back at Wrestlemania XX.

In a recent interview, he was relaxed and satisfied with his latest run in the WWE. The match at Wrestlemania 33 was probably better than most people expected and that is what is important to Goldberg. Bill also stated that the match at Mania and this run in the company were not a redemption story for him, but actually a redemption story for his character and he is more than happy to be able to do something again and fix his mistakes from the past.


As far as how active he is nowadays, this wrestler said that he did take a month off as his body needed it. These days, he is back in the gym, working as hard as ever and enjoying his Mau Thai more than ever. He is still in good shape, but when he was asked about whether or not he would return to the ring, here is what he had to say.

“Personally and professionally, it’s something that I would have to take into consideration if it was ever presented to me again. As far as the physical aspect is concerned, as I sit and look at myself in the gym ask myself what I am going to do with this? I don’t think it’s an impossibility, but it could be an improbability to ever get back in the ring, but never say never.”