Tesla is trying to freshen up things a bit and this time, it is on its Model X. They are trying to bring up the outer look of the Model X to a new level pairing up their car with the Gold Vossen Forged wheels.

As you may recall Tesla had its share of problems with their cars, some less some more significant but nevertheless problems that needed to be addressed. Tesla did that flawlessly and without any problems, and now they believe that some new exterior features like the new rims might bring up the sales of their cars. Not that Tesla actually needs new rims to boost the sales of their cars since the company’s Model S with P100D package is the quickest production car in the world. If this and a whole bunch of innovations can’t sell their cars than the new rims aren’t going to help a lot.

Don’t get me wrong, from the pictures we saw, this 90D sits very nicely on those Vossen Forged wheels. The five double spoke design of the wheels combined with the very questionable gold color (looks more like copper but let’s not nitpick) looks awesome on the white car with chrome details and black window tint. They really pop and add a new dimension to the ride. This is something that might become a trend at Tesla, and be added as a feature to some of they top end cars. From now on you might be offered to additionally pay for these if you want to stick out from the rest of the Tesla herd. And why not?