God Eater Season 2 Release Date


In September 2009, God Eater video animation was released, and then in July 2016 God Eater anime adaptation came out as the part of the fifth anniversary of the franchise. The series debuted on Tokyo MX, but then it was also available on other channels, such as BS 11. The last episode of God Eater Season 1 aired one year ago, so now it is expected to hear some news about the sequel.

Before we move on to news about Season 2, let us remind you of the events in the first one which left us with many unanswered questions. First, have a peek at the original God Eater synopsis: “The events take place in the foreseeable future, when the human population was almost wiped out due to the invasion of the creatures known as Aragami. However, humans found out how to resist the monsters, using weapons called “God Arcs” that were assembled from the cells of invaders. Those who struggled with the monsters have been nicknamed God Eaters. Later, the God Eaters were separated into two groups based on the type of weapons they’ve used: new types and old types.”


After the first season had ended, we were left wondering what will happen with Lindow, who was severely injured in a battle with Aragamis. We are sure that fans can’t wait to see whether their favorite squad will manage to save their friend and what else is ahead of the brave God Eaters.

Unfortunately, it has not been officially confirmed that there will be Season 2, but numerous rumors suggest that the new season is in early stages of development. Thus, we assume that we shouldn’t expect it to see the light of day anytime soon, but, who knows, perhaps we are wrong, and it appears earlier than we could imagine. We’ll wait for the official announcement and let you know as soon as they set the God Eater Season 2 release date.