Things You Need to Know About Gifting a Sex Toy


Many people wonder if giving sex toys as gifts is a good idea. There is some controversy over whether or not this is an etiquette that is acceptable. On the one hand, sex toys are fun and can be an integral part of any sexual encounter. On the other hand, some people might take offense at someone giving them something that they would consider a “toy.”

Is a sex toy the perfect gift for your best friend or your partner! Well, it may be. A sex toy can be a great toy and something really fun. The idea behind it is so good actually. You are giving some that will bring real pleasure to that person. If you are giving it to your so it’s even better as you both will benefit from it and it will lead to some new experiences and new ways to enjoy sex. Especially for couples, this can bring new wind into your relationship. With so many toys and so many options, there is a vast sea of new things to try out and new ways to feel. Sex and intimacy are proven to yield so many different benefits that will improve mental and physical health. So it’s a win win for both.

In any case, you need to think about this carefully before giving a sex toy and there are some things you want to ask yourself. Is the sex toy a good idea? To whom are gifting it? Will it be received well by your partner or friend? What type of toy do you want to gift? So let’s go over some important things you should know before gifting a sex toy.

The first thing you should be aware of and think of is what do they like?

Ask yourself this. Sex toys are more than dildoes. There is a vast array of sex toys all from sex dolls like the ones found at to remote control vibrators that the other person can control from half across the world. So the choices are really big and you need to take into consideration how open is this person. If it’s their first sex toy keep it may be simple, but if you the person is already open for this then explore and really dive into the world of toys. Some of the suggestions could include vibrators that go well with any type of body, different bondage accessories, and tapes, lingerie sets, or even a full-fledged sex swing. So your options here are practically limitless.

How do you pick out the right gift?

The functionally of the toy

The options are endless and here you have to think about what does that person likes again. How is that person responding to different stimuli? For different people the options are endless. Maybe your male partner would benefit from an anal massager, maybe a doll to spice things between you would work. Especially if you are getting a toy for your partner you need to think on what are their kinks and weak spots. What would be something that they would try?

Looks of the toy

Okay, you figured out what would they like but the looks are important too. Maybe you can go as far as to get a dildo in your girlfriend’s favorite color. That can only enhance the gift and make it even more personal and better.  It’s also important to consider whether the person shopping for you would prefer a discreet sex toy. Are they married, do they have kids people wit whom they share their living space?

Do they plan to travel with their toy? There are many clever mini vibes on today’s market that can be distinguished from everyday items like make-up and jewelry. This makes it easy for anyone who wants to carry a sex toy with them wherever they go. Of course here you have to consider the size, you can’t get a sex doll for someone who doesn’t have the space for it. That’s where you get a mini-sized one. But we think you catch our drift. You need to be careful before doing this.

What would be the best moment for a gift like this?

So you want to do this and get a sex toy for someone? Well, gifting a sex toy is honestly always good and it’s always a moment for something like this. But, there are some moments where it’s better to give gifts like this. These are usually the perfect gifts for a birthday or a bachelor party. Be aware that public opening could pose an issue as the recipient maybe doesn’t want that other guests and people to know that they received a sex toy. These are ideal for any type of partner anniversary tho or maybe a cheeky 14th February. Christmas could also be a good moment for a gift like this. Of course, as mentioned, a discreet exchange of gifts.


Buying sex toys as gifts can be fun and intimate. However, before you purchase, you should take the recipient’s personality into consideration. Give gifts that encourage intimacy instead of focusing on the physical act. Also, pick out gifts that appeal to the receiver’s interests. Giving someone a hot vibrator as a gift may sound appealing to some, but if it does not have anything to do with the recipient’s interests in particular, then you will have wasted your money. Sex toys are a great gift idea, and they can be used in a variety of ways. It is important to get to know your recipient and make sure that your gift choice suits their needs. Also, it is important to timing the actual gifting correctly so that there are no awkward moments between you!