10 Awesome New Home Gift Ideas for Someone Who Just Moved House


Hurray! Indeed, moving into a new house is a huge cause for celebration. And how else to join in the celebration than going along with a nice and useful new home gift? When it comes to a housewarming gift, what matters most is the intention behind it. Here is a good article with a list of 10 awesome and useful gift ideas that are sure to be greatly appreciated.

1. A bottle of wine


Considering that a new house is a cause for celebration, a bottle of champagne would be just an excellent gift. The new homeowners would definitely want a nice glass of something strong after spending the whole day unpacking. If this gift idea sounds perfect to you, then we recommend you go a step further by buying them a bottle of their favorite brand of wine or type of liquor.  You can consider adding a set of glasses along with the bottle (this would be especially useful if they haven’t finished unpacking yet).

2. A tool kit


A tool kit is definitely going to be an essential gift for new homeowners. Never underestimate the value of a box full of important tools. Particularly, this is going to be an ideal gift for individuals who are just moving into their very first apartment or house and probably haven’t gotten the basics — screwdrivers, wrench, measuring tape, and yes, a hammer — over the years. You can also decide to include a sturdy flashlight among other necessary handy items.

3. A welcome mat


Moving into a new home calls for a new welcome mat. This is why we have added this gift idea to the list. Since they would eventually have to get a welcome mat for their new home; it means you’d be doing them a gracious favor by giving them this thoughtful gift. You can decide to go with something fun — like a customized mat with their initials — or just the classic and simple welcome mats.

4. A custom-made nostalgic souvenir


Alright, everyone knows that moving into a new house is often characterized by mixed feelings of excitement and nostalgia. It is normal for one to miss their former home and all. This is why this gift idea is unique and perfect. You can get them a creative and personalized gift that reminds them of their former home. Examples can be a serving board in the shape of the state they relocated from, a framed painting of their former home, or any form of personalized and unique prints and trinkets.

5. A fire extinguisher


Yeah, we know this is probably one of the least fancy things to gift someone who just moved. But do we really still need to explain why this gift idea features on our list? A fire extinguisher is a basic safety necessity in every home. As a new house gift, we recommend buying the fancy and designer fire extinguishers like those from the Safe-T brand. Going with the standard red ones is also not a bad idea. Importantly, you have to ensure that whichever type you select has received certification from a testing laboratory with national recognition.

6. A plant


This is a beautiful gift for new homeowners, especially if you want them to have a feel of nature in their new house. A leafy and green plant would be just superb. However, in order not to burden the new homeowners with undue responsibilities, we recommend picking out a plant that requires low maintenance. Something like a snake plant or succulent plant would be just nice.

7. A bouquet of flowers


Are you thinking of something more colorful and gorgeous than just a green plant? Then a bouquet of beautiful, blooming flowers in a pretty vase will brighten up their new house. Moreover, flowers have been reported to help reduce the stress associated with moving. It helps to bring an instant burst of freshness to a room that would otherwise have looked dull and unoccupied.

8. Freshly baked foods


Yummy! Who says freshly baked foods can’t make any situation seem better? Freshly baked foods are an excellent choice if you want the new homeowners to have a taste of something sweet and filling after a long day of unpacking. We have put this idea on this list because we know that they would definitely be hungry and exhausted after all the stress of moving and trying to settle down. To get something fresh, you can get some freshly baked goods at a local bakery that is close to their new home, or you can just whip up something delightful in your own house (if you’re good at baking). You can hardly go wrong with sugar and butter being involved.

9. Garden items


Indubitably, garden items are ones of the best gifts to give to a new homeowner. The reason is simple — they help to convey the impression that you care and are thoughtful. This gift idea is particularly perfect for persons who have just packed into a home with a large yard. You can get them items like birdhouses, garden gnomes, gardening tools and gear. Also, you can opt for something more spectacular, like a garden fountain or a garden swing. You’ll definitely wow them with any of these.

10. Artworks


Finally, on our list, we have artworks! Artworks have traditionally been one of the best new house gifts. Examples of artwork gift ideas for housewarming includes small statuettes, wood carvings, art prints, framed paintings etc. We recommend artworks because a wall decor will bring beauty to the bare walls and give the house that homely look. However, before giving any of these as a new home gift, we advise that you consider if the person has any specific artist he or she likes. This will help you to know that the gift will not only be well received but will also match the individual’s style and aesthetic taste.


Whichever new home gift you buy should have a blend of practicality and sentiment. The most vital thing is to go with a gift that compliments the new homeowner’s personality and style. At the same time, the item should provide real utility in their new house. Remember, a new house gift is not a compulsory item. They’ll appreciate your intentions regardless of the type of gift you show up with. Cheers to a new home!