Garrett: “Zeke Needs To Make Good Decisions”


Even though this past couple of days haven’t been kind to Dallas Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliott, it looks like the franchise isn’t going to hold too much against him and that they still have a lot of confidence that he will handle things well in the future, both on and off the field. His value in the game is still much higher than the level of trouble that he is causing to the team, so that is why the Cowboys will continue supporting him.

They know that they have a great player on their hands that is the focal point of their offense. Coach Jason Garrett has stated that they are entirely supporting their star player and that they are fully aware of his background, what he had done in the past and what kind of a guy he is. They checked him out and will continue to monitor him, but also try to influence him in a good way while also supporting him.

But, they do know, just like he does, that he needs to stay out of trouble. Here is what coach Jason Garrett said about his player a couple of days ago.

“Having said that (talked about him as a person), he’s not perfect, he makes mistakes – we all make mistakes. It’s incumbent upon all of us, everybody in our organizations – coaches, players – everybody who is connected with Zeke to help him understand the importance of making good decisions. We’re going to help him grow that way – just like we will every player on our team.”

There is no doubt that Zeke is one of the best backs in the game. He will need to be healthy and on the field in order for the Cowboys to reach the goals that they have set for this season.