Gaming Apps Predictions For 2019


Online gaming is a billion dollar industry that is increasingly becoming popular around the globe. The advancement in technology is one of the key factors contributing to the changes that are being witnessed. No so long ago, software developers have used cutting-edge gaming technology which allows games to be engaging and immersive. The iGaming industry has evolved from pixels too high-quality graphics games.

Additionally, most of these games have been optimized to be played across different devices such as desktops, mobile phones, tablets, and Virtual Reality headsets. The year 2018 has witnessed significant changes, especially in the gaming apps market. Gaming app predictions for the future plays a very crucial role in grooming aspiring gamers. Here are the top gaming app predictions for the new year 2019.

Cloud Gaming

One of the challenges of gaming on mobile devices is limited storage space. As such, the use of cloud computing technology is now available, thanks to a high-speed internet connection. With this advanced technology, people will be able to play their favorite games from any gaming device in the same way we stream live videos without worrying about the device’s internal storage. This future technology has rendered most downloadable apps obsolete as they are available on any devices that are connected to the internet.

Full Use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

The use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality has been on the increase since the release of the first futuristic game Pokemon Go in 2016. These technologies are used to deliver an immersive gaming experience to users on different devices. In the days to come, the AR&VR technologies will be used by marketers to engage buyers among other fields.

Advancing in Open Source Game Development

The games we play today are widely owned by AAA software developers, among other emerging groups and companies. This technology is foreseen to fade in the future as more sophisticated tools are invented. With these advanced tools, it will no longer be necessary to buy or own a Software Development Kit (SDK). Game creators have shown that they are capable of upgrading the available games into exclusive modern versions.

Production of Secondary Screens for Gaming Devices

The mobile gaming market has attracted three giant companies in video game consoles, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. The latter is interested in investing in small screen devices like tablets and mobile phones by producing secondary gaming devices. Gamers can use these gadgets instead of using the main screen. For instance, Microsoft’s Xbox SmartGlass app can be downloaded on smartphones to serve as an enhancing tool for the game being played on other devices. As well, Sony has fused their handheld Play Station Vita gadget with PS 3 console to enable the cross-play feature.

Increase in Use of Cryptocoins

The blockchain is undoubtedly one of the most significant technological evolution we have today. The fact that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, and Litecoin operate independently of the central bank has made them very popular across the different business. You can purchase anything using crypto coins today at most online stores.

Use of ChatBots Apps

Chatbots have been widely used on different platforms, and they have proven to be more convenient, effective, and accurate. The chatbots have advanced from being used on social media platforms like Facebook and Skype to improve the functionality of mobile applications. Most websites including sites like these use advanced chatbots to provide players with all the relevant information they may require. One of the advantages of this technology is that it gives responses in real time.

Shift From Cash Payment to Mobile Payment

Initially, people believed that the use of credit and debit cards was the most significant achievement in technology. However, the emergence of mobile wallet payment option seems to be changing everything. The use of mobile apps to complete payments in different online stores has become a fashion for almost everyone. Considering the shift, it is expected that more advanced and secure mobile payment options will be launched in 2019.