Games with a price-tag that can be downloaded for free


There are many games that can be downloaded via various torrent channels. This way of getting your games harms the publisher and sometimes can even damage your computer trough some virus infection. Not to mention that all of that could have legal consequence. Today, we are here to show you a safe and completely legal way to get the games you desire, but can’t afford, without paying for them.

1)Oth (On the house)

This website offers you games that usually cost money, completely free of charge. The trick is that it offers them for a limited period. On the house had to put a huge banner on their site that guaranteed people that their games are free and that they can be used for an unlimited period of time without ever paying for them. This was simply done because many users didn’t believe that this is even possible.

Like with everything in life, this also had a bad side. You, as a website visitor are unaware when or which game is going to appear, and because the offer lasts a limited period of time you could easily miss downloading some of your favorite games.

2)Game Giveaway of the day

This website is quite famous in the Internet community. It basically works on a principle that you have different software offered for a free download every day. This kind of promotion usually lasts only for the given day. On the website, there is also a category that allows you to participate in a giveaway and it enables you to win a free license for a certain game or program.

3)Games that have become free

There is a list of games that are free and it can be found on Wikipedia page. This list is frequently updated whenever there is a game that is no longer a seller. If a publisher decides that it can now be downloaded freely, without legal consequences, that is the moment when it appears on the above mentioned wiki page.

Games on discount

Website allows you to purchase games at an unbelievable price. Sometimes the discount reaches amazing 90% of original price, so this allows you to buy a game that was previously priced at $30 for only a few bucks. We are not talking about some unknown games, on this website you can find titles like CS: GO, Skyrim, Rocket League, Far Cry 4, etc.

It is important to support the publisher but when an opportunity for a cheap buy arises why not to take it.