9 Tips For Developing Your Own Game Strategy When Playing Online Casinos Slots


Those who are fans of online slots say that it can be a better experience than going to a real casino. You enjoy the comfort of your home while playing your top-choice slots. Still, while the experience is a lot of fun – you are still risking losing your money. Therefore, you would probably like to know what you should do to make your strategy better so that you do not have losses. We suggest you 9 strategies that might work.

The Difference Between Strategy, Tactics And Gambling System

While everything seems similar to you, these are different approaches to playing slots. Namely, strategy is an approach to activities. Tactics are similar to strategy but relate to individual decisions and individual situations. Many games of chance do not offer opportunities for tactical decision-making. As for gambling systems, they usually involve an attempt to manipulate the odds in a casino game by resizing your stakes based on previous results. Does any of this really work? Slot players will tell you YES!

Is There A Best Strategy For Slots?


As a general rule, slot machines don’t have a precise strategy. So the gain or loss is pure coincidence. However, some gamblers believe that by following certain tips, you can increase your chances of winning. A well-thought-out strategy usually refers to choosing machines with good RTP or chasing some of the progressive jackpots. All this makes slots a positive game of expectation – although winning a progressive jackpot is still a matter of chance. What is definitely advised is to avoid the so-called zigzag method, because slots don’t have a betting system proven to win. However, you might try and take the chance with the help of the following strategies.

1.   Make a smart choice when choosing a slot machine

First, all these machines work on the same principle, but it doesn’t mean they are all same. On the contrary, they can vary in themes, background sounds, music, features, or symbols – but also in the RTP percentages. Be sure to check the amount of RTP first before you sit down for a particular slot machine and remember – higher RTP means more fun and more chance to earn some money.

2.   Choose New Providers And New Slots


The No.1 step in playing slots is, of course, choosing the game you want. Among those fun, visually, and playfully appealing slots – you will find the one that you will enjoy and that is the primary goal. This implies that you understand how the slot works. According to PGSlotGame, you should give new slots a chance – and don’t tie yourself exclusively to old games just out of habit. We know that everyone likes to play Book of Ra and similar classic slots – but that doesn’t mean that they are always the best choice. Some newer slot machines have a higher payout percentage than older ones. Likewise, some slots offer jackpots, while others do not offer them at all. So try different games until you find one that suits you best.

3.   Play a slot with a higher denomination

To guess the winning combination more often, always use slots with a higher denomination. Play slots with bets of higher face value as often as possible – because they will bring you closer to winning. The higher the denomination of the coins, the higher is the RTP, which means you will win more often.

4.   Bet on the maximum

Bet maximum to run all pay lines during the game. The more pay lines you play, the more often you will win payouts. In addition, many features like in-game bonuses or progressive jackpots can’t be activated if you do not bet on all pay lines.

5.   Focus on smaller jackpots as well


Games with smaller jackpots pay off more often. If you play slots solely for the sake of winning, but big money is not your main goal – then games with smaller jackpots are perfect for you.

6.   Avoid progressive slots

Progressive slots attract players because they are convinced that they will win millions when playing that way. And that’s possible, but there’s a catch. Namely, progressive jackpots do offer incredible rewards, but they have a lower hit frequency. If you still want to spin in your attempt to catch the progressive jackpot – try to handle money wisely so as not to dry up the whole budget too quickly.

7.   Test slots you wish to play


Instead of betting on slots you’ve never played before, try them out first. Spin the reels on the free demo version for each title you are interested in. That way, you can try slot strategies more carefree than playing for real money. Free demos are available to everyone – and it’s up to you to decide which slot you want to play. And don’t forget – never waste time and money playing slots you don’t enjoy.

8.   You should pay attention to the payout table

Each slot has its unique payout table. It shows how much each symbol pays, or which of them are the most profitable. In addition, with the help of this table, you will know whether a certain slot has special symbols such as wilds, jokers, multipliers, jackpots, etc. And all this gives you an insight into whether a particular slot fits your budget or not.

9.   Do not cross your money limits

One of the most important tips is the following – set your money spending limits before you start. Do not start spinning the reels until you have determined the maximum amount you are willing to spend. As soon as you reach that amount – stop playing. The worst part is gambling if you can’t afford to lose money. If you have reached the amount, stop immediately. Never bet if you are not prepared to lose that kind of money.

The Bottom Line


We hope that some of these strategies will help you and that you will have enough luck to win something. Of course, it would be wise that you choose a reliable online casino and keep track of the bonuses it offers you. In the end, what else to say but good luck to you – and play smart.