Game of Thrones Season 7 Air Date and Spoilers


Due to unfortunate, or for those that can’t wait fortunate, circumstances there have bee some serious plot leaks regarding the Season Seven of Game Of Thrones. This wasn’t the case with previous seasons as HBO has held its lips sealed and there wasn’t so much hype going around from every direction. HBO has stayed silent, but others didn’t. Stories that spoil the plot for all of the fans come from spy photographers, from newspapers, magazines (like us) and from fans that create theories and share them on social networks.

One of the Reddit users leaked entire plot for the Season 7. The info was later described as only half-true, but it is unclear how is ti possible that someone knows so much of the storyline nine months before the premiere of the show. We won’t go into details but here is some info: Jon and Dany will meet. They are actually going to spend most of the season 7 together. Sansa is going to betray LF, and he is going to be killed by Arya. The younger of the Stark’s will be on a killing spree trough the entire season. Gendry will make a comeback… and so on. The list is quite long so hop on to Reddit to see it.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Release Date

Back to the story. Premiere will be in the summer. That’s right, as you already know the show won’t be aired on its standard term in April but it will be postponed until the summer of 2017. The producers of the series have stated weather conditions as the main reason for this. ‘Winter has come’ so they will need grimmer sky and general conditions will have to reflect the imminent coming of the White Walkers. This means that the filming will enter deeply in the next year, so the final production of the material will take its time. We hope that the premier of Season 7 of GOT will be in June, but July or even August seem more realistic options.

Another thing to the disappointment of the fans is the length of the last two seasons. They will, unlike previous that had ten episodes, have only seven (season 7) and six (season eight). The finale of the series that started six years ago is one of the most anticipated TV events and is going to happen in not so distant future so despite shorter on-screen-time we are eagerly expecting it.