Top Gambling Anime For Casino Fans


What if you like gambling and also anime? Then, you will have to take a look at the best gambling anime out there and watch these as soon as possible. We have found the best options that are all anime loaded with poker, slots and so much more. You can experience anime casinos right now and watch these anime series as much as you like. Those of you who appreciate casino thrills, will enjoy these characters and stories.

Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler

The anime is based on gambling manga and written by Homura Kawamoto. The story is impressive. This is an academy where pupils must learn how to gamble and must become experts in this matter. The main character is Yumeko Jabami who is actually here due to an interesting reason. She is a transfer pupil who loves to gamble and who is here just to do this and not to get a diploma. The girl is worth the years you can watch this option. As you can see the plot is impressive and the animation is even better. It is basically a school place where students enjoy and learn about table games and other options. The best will become legend. There are countless twists and changes that you must watch in order to understand. Those of you who will want to gamble for real after watching the anime should consider CasinoTop a place that offers all needed ingredients for you to become a person of gambling. It is definitely something you should consider.

Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

He is a protagonist who likes to drink and spend days doing nothing. But, he will end up in a massive debt and he must pay back all the money as soon as possible. The anime is more popular and psychological than you may believe. Many problems arise and the solution is to start participating in illegal gambling on a cruise ship. You can see the appeal of millions here. The victory will have a huge, positive effect but losing is not an option. There are over 25 series here and the anime quickly became the number one to consider. Playing is just half of the main goal. This is not the ideal option if you like mahjong but it can be more than just right if you like other games such as table options.

Touhai Densetsu Akagi: Yami ni Maiorita Tensai

Here we can see two main stars. One is Akagi and second is Nangou. Seeing the latter is a mystery and he is in debt playing mahjong and other games. He was a student back in the day and now he owes a massive amount of money to the mafia. Akagi will help him. He gives him a chance and important tips. Nangou is forced to pay back the money but he achieves all of that almost instantly and he is free to enjoy the world. But, all will believe that Nangou is the owner of the rules and he is proficient in gambling. Keep in mind that Akagi has issues as well. He is on the run from the police. They do make a great team and Akagi is a great friend who helps. Shows of this kind are rare and only present in Japan. Now you can enjoy the drama and learn something about the game. As such, it had to be on our list. It is a high thrill and good show that will keep you busy for days. Watch it now. The show is one of a kind. In general, if you like to win and you like to play full effort this is a love option to choose from.

Legendary Gambler Tetsuya

It is a simple show that is based on life and death and mahjong. The main guy here is an excellent gambler who will cheat every single day he can. But, in the game, he claims that cheating is only if he is caught. The game is something he is excellent in. This happens after World War II and the country is in ruins. But, playing is still common and still possible. As you are all well-aware of the fact, social status has a huge role. The series will reveal the possibility of controlling the death parade and so much. If you are into gambling, we highly recommend this option. It is one of a kind and it is better than it sounds. There are a lot of perks and a lot of variables you need to understand. If you need any help with this topic, you can found here. Will opponents realize the cheating or they will not? We are not going to answer and you will have to see for yourselves.


Saki is a small girl who discovers that she has talent for mahjong and she starts to win all the time. At first, she hates this and she is not interested in it. But, after some days she develops an ultimate goal. She wants to become the best in this option and she will do anything she can to achieve that. There are no Kaiji elements here. This is completely about one game and about the success she will manage to achieve. In a nutshell, if you like strange, detailed, and well-written options you will love this one. There are many variables and a massive amount of details so pay close attention. But, there is also the thrill which is present all the days and as such, we had to include this option right now.

The Final Word

Which option here is the best? Well, that depends on you. If you really like gambling, we recommend you to take a look at all the options from the above and find the ones you will like the most. There is a high probability that you will appreciate and like more than just one. There is something special about the points we have provided above so we believe you will have the best thrill. The best thing you can do is to check and see all of these and each episode you can. You will understand why after that.