Gakusen Toshi Asterisk Season 3 release date info!


Gakusen Toshi Asterisk (The Asterisk War: The Academy City on the Water) has currently ended its second season and so far it has been great. The final episode of season two in June was far away now, and fans already want to know news and info about the possibility of season 3!

This is a fresh anime series that is aired trough various channels including Crunchyroll, and on the local TV network in Japan. The story, as some of you fans may know, is revolved around genesselas (the ones who possess mana), the Seidukan Academy and the competitions there which gives them strength with amazing weapons. The story has its main characters like Ayato Amagiri and Yulis-Alexi fon Reissfeld who is thought to be a princess. In a couple of mind-blowing scenes, they meet in a dangerous fight right after the arrival of Ayato Amagiri (in possession of the ability to fight with two swords). As a result of that, they find themselves as a couple fighting together in competitions and winning and losing matches together.

The popularity of this series is not to be questioned because more than enough positive feedback has been sent toward it. The overall story, characters and the romance between them are what makes this anime series very good and the story surrounding it is cohesive and immersive. Since the season two has ended, as I already mentioned, we are waiting for news about the possibility of season 3 (the release date of it could be just around the corner). Slightly more spare time than usual made us search for reasons for which the series might not be continued, and we didn’t find much, which brought us additional relief. I really don’t think it will get canceled; no indications go that way and no need for that so far. The important thing now is to be patient and as far as you know, season 3 might have actually written itself already.