Fantasies in the bed are not something uncommon in today’s society. Statistics show that up to 65% of couples who’ve been together for more than three years have experienced some sort of fantasies while in the bedroom. Every man and woman has fantasies and there is nothing wrong with that. You could say the only thing wrong would be not to experience them with your partner.

So because of that, we are going to talk about 5 fantasies that you must try.


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If you’re a fan of 50 shades of gray, then you most certainly know what we’re talking about. Eighter if you’re a shy gal or the dominant type, BDSM is something very common in the United States. It involves erotic roleplay that is accompanied by bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, etc. It is an act where your partner ties you up and goes rough on you. Most people, both men, and women love BDSM and love to be dominating or submissive. Depending on what you like, and what your partner likes, BDSM is definitely a fantasy that you must try it.

2. Roleplay

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Yet another fantasy that people find very pleasuring is roleplaying. Roleplaying is one of the most common and innocent fantasies that both men and women take great pleasure in. It’s very easy to pull off and it involves picking a character to be for the night. It doesn’t sound complicated at all, doesn’t it? Roleplaying can be anything from your partner taking the role of a doctor, and you a nurse, to anything from being saved by a police officer. Roleplaying is a very innocent fantasy that satisfies all of our needs.

3. Sex Dolls

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According to, people don’t need to have sexual intercourse with a real woman or man. They can rather replicate that with sex dolls that have slowly, but surely, risen to popularity over the past few years. These dolls are manufactured to resemble a real-life woman or man. They are made from skin-like materials that resemble a real human touch. Most cases, these dolls are made to look like famous people, or in other words, to satisfy all of your sexual fantasies that involve celebrities.

4. Groupies

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A lot of studies and surveys have shown that women are more open to trying out something with more than just one person at a time. This includes having a threesome, foursome, and even more than that. While this was considered very heretical in the past, nowadays, it seems that people are more open to it. Groupies are more and more frequent in our society, and it is a sign that people like that sort of stuff. If your fantasy is something like having a threesome or a foursome, finding the right people is often times most important. But, if you’re strongly up for it you should definitely try it as there are people who will always be open to the idea. Just be careful as your partner might not agree with it.

5. Doing it at An Unusual Place

Office Kiss

Many couples are open to the idea of doing it in the most unusual of places. We’re talking here about doing it on rooftops, deserted areas, at the office, etc. It is a form of sexual fantasy that comes with a lot of risks being seen by someone. But as it may seem, people are not that bothered about it, and in fact, it is the reason why they do it. The secret thought of being seen turns them on, and if it does turn you on you should definitely do it.


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