Free marketing strategy for social media

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E-commerce is an important source of the audience’s choice to purchase instant and best products. For the marketers, it’s the superior platform to generate more credibility, more profits, and more feedbacks! Establishing a business isn’t a very hard thing to do nowadays. Because about 57% of internet users are likely to shop online around the world. As well as about 80% of the total internet users choose the best sites for daily shopping. How come it’s so easy to get targeted clients?

Besides having a catchy website, social media can be the best tool to reach millions of people. From small businesses to top commercial deals, social media can be the best support for anyone. Businesses are trending to offer their best support to global audiences and clients through social media platforms. And one of the best is Facebook.

Obviously, a business website needs to be organized with prices clearly indicated as well as the service/product values and info. But social media platforms are awesome to deliver instant contact to the global audiences. Here are five platforms you can use to spread the word:


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Video Marketing has always been powerful. Nowadays, Making videos of a marketing ambassador with different kind of stories that represent a product is in the top trend. About 53% of global marketing sectors are likely to promote their marketing videos as well as the brand reviews through YouTube. Since the revolution of YouTube and E-business later, Business from the small and middle sector and top categories are just attaching to the video marketing. YouTube has about 2.00 billion active viewers and you have a significant chance to grow your business through the targeted clients.

So, Make catchy ad, earn domestic and global support from the audiences around the world and finally get nonstop deals!


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People around the world are on Facebook all the time. About 2.2 billion active users around the world selected the application as the most favorite media to use. About 80% of small business is successful by using Facebook strategy properly. Creating a page, select location and then boosting the brand promotion can be very helpful to generate your high sell. As well as driving crazy traffic to a website is possible with developing FB marketing.

Do you know? About 63% of global audiences are likely to shop through Facebook because of its marvelous features and easy contact. You can easily reach millions of people within hours! You need to make your presence visible and for that, you should get views, likes, and comments. For more information, visit


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WhatsApp is another tool which you can utilize. It’s because of the easy use of the internet and increasing of mobile users for approximately 82%! Through WhatsApp, messages can be easily sent and conversation flows. Clients around the world can get an instant response from you, which is quite encouraging. About 92% of marketers are likely to attach their email in the website contact and most of the conversation takes place via email. Social media platforms are easier to use for every party. WhatsApp is a great addition to other social media networks and this app can alleviate your business if you use it properly.


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What’s the best platform to reach real traffics? Twitter. Around 70% of internet users are real here but we rarely feel any platform to be that much realistic and verified. So, Twitter brings you the best strategy including easy marketing, video marketing, driving traffics, easy order and contact. Also, you can reach a lot of people quickly.

Most beneficially, you can use relevant or trending hashtags(#) and that can increase engagement to your post and do non-beating search engine optimization for your business. Engage more audiences to your marketing place and let them get you and contact instantly through Twitter. It should be said that around 70% of websites use their Twitter as one of the contacts.


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Need brand promotion in an easy way through an easy and most accepted market place? Then obviously, Instagram is the perfect platform for you that have an option to attach your website to the profile description. You will increase your follower base and also website traffic. Furthermore, Instagram makes great options for short marketing videos and images with different types of filter. Announce your business post, use hashtags and grow your followers on Instagram, get website traffics and have chat with relevant clients more easier like messages. Instagram has about 1.2 billion active users and 42% of total users are here to grow their business.

E-commerce can be very successful with these social platforms because of their features that connect more people who are potential clients. Maximize your business with great social platforms! Good luck.