Forza Horizon 3 available for free on PC


Playground Games is bringing its most recognizable game the Forza Horizont 3 on Windows 10 PC Platforms in memorable fashion. The demo version of this title will be given to all players completely free of charge.

The story of this gaming masterpiece is set in the land of Kangaroos, the Australia, and revolves around a character that is in the middle of the biggest car and music festival in the universe. Your task as the protagonist of this story is to bring this festivity all across the continent in some very memorable cars. The demo version gives you an insight into just how good the game is. It covers very small fragments of the map, but it gives you enough to get hooked up to it.

Offering this game on PC allowed Playground Games to broaden their influence on the gaming community. Playing Forza on the PC will further enlarge its already huge fan base. One of the rare disadvantages of this title it’s that it requires very strong computer configuration. They have specified three different levels needed for playing this game but if you are in for top performance you are going to need the following setup or even better:

* CPU i7 6700 @ 4.0GHz
* GPU NVIDIA GTX 980Ti and up
* RAM 16GB
* HDD SSD w/21GB available
* MONITOR 3840×2160

This configuration looks powerful and maybe a little overboard but we live in modern times. Expensive PC’s with top performances are common appearance among gamers so for many of them picking up this demo for free won’t present any problem. If you don’t own PC configuration of this magnitude, you shouldn’t be too downhearted because it can easily run on 8GB of RAM and 3.4 GHz processor. You will not get a premium feel, but nevertheless, you will enjoy the game.

Gamers who own or prefer console gaming will also have demo version offered for free with HDR graphics added to their package on X-Box One S.

So, don’t waste your time and go pick up your demo version of Forza Horizon 3. It is already available in Windows Store.