Ford Motor Company (NF) Is Set To Boost Production With 40,000 Additional Vehicles This Summer

Ford Headquarters

This is a big year for Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F). It is all evident as the company has decided to increase its production this summer. The company has also introduced Sync 3, the latest and most promising update for the infotainment system on Ford vehicles.

Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) has assembly plants in North America that enjoy two week long shutdowns in summer every year. This year, the company has decided to increase its production by reducing the shutdown time. The plants will be ready for production after just one week of shutdown. This 50% reduction in summer shutdown will result in nearly 40,000 additional vehicles this summer. The decision will affect six assembly plants in Chicago, Michigan, Missouri, Kentucky and Ontario.

Nearly 10 plants that feed on these assembly plants will also be affected. These plants produce some of the popular models of Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) like F-150 pickup truck, Explorer and Escape.

On the other note, the company has introduced the new update to current Sync. This new version known as Sync 3 brings with it many updates and improved user interface. This is the most anticipated release from the company as it is supposed to be the most researched product of the company. Sync 3 is based on software developed by ONX software systems by BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY). This subsidiary of BlackBerry Ltd specializes in developing embedded software tools.

Sync 3 features voice navigation, smartphone integration and a very user friendly interface. Users can interact with the interface just like a smartphone. The Sync 3 also seamlessly connects with smartphone to give a complete experience. The interface has much better design and speed compared to earlier models. This new feature will be available in 2016 vehicles by the company.

The specific models that will use this feature are not announced yet.