Ford vs Tesla: Ford Model E electric car will be launch in 2019


Ford, an American automaker, has been working on its electric car for a long time now. It is expected that the automaker will use the Model E naming convention for the imminent all-electric car. Ford has intentions to deliver an all-electric car that will be affordable and come with a 200-mile range to enable it compete against other models like Chevrolet Bolt and Tesla Model 3. It is expected that the vehicle production will start in 2019.

The good news does not end there as the giant automaker is working on developing vehicles that will be fully autonomous to be used in commercial operations. These vehicles are expected to be launched in 2023 and will be used for ride sharing and ride hailing. In order to make this real, the company will be doubling the present sales team based in Silicon Valley and do more than double the Palo Alto campus. The company will collaborate and invest with four startups in the development of the autonomous vehicle. This high magnitude kind of research and investments by Ford Motors is meant to deliver cars that are more reliable, convenient and safer in future.

The focus on autonomous and electric car technologies indicates the focus that Ford has in its long term strategy to remain ahead of their competition. Tesla Motors Elon Musks opted for the Model E naming convention as the first choice for their vehicles but had to resort to Model 3 since Ford owned the Model E trademark. Tesla Motors plans to launch their Tesla Model Y later on in order to complete their S3XY lineup that they have been eyeing for a long time. There are reports indicating that the Ford Model 3 will be made available in car and crossover offered in a pure electric car, plug-in hybrid and hybrid.

What about Release date?

Chevrolet’s Bolt is expected to be launched sometimes later in the year while Tesla’s Model 3 is set to be launched in 2017. Although the Model E by Ford is expected to launch in 2019, it will have to get as many interesting features as possible for it to compete well within the electric car segment. More on the vehicles will be known in days to come.