Ford Focus RS Recalled For Software Update

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We are used to seeing recalls from car makers about big issues, but in the case of Ford Focus RS hot hatch and regular version, it is only a minor problem. Everything will be solved when you drive your vehicle to the dealership where software update will be applied free of charge.

This update will be implemented to Focus models built from 2013 and RS versions produced from 2016. It is also stated that all cars that have issues are offered with a manual transmission. It is a minor safety correction since interior latch can be unlocked.

Here is the part of the statement that describes the latch problem best: “can be unlocked an unlatched with a single press of the interior latch release when the vehicle is traveling under 7 km/h (4 mph).”

US carmaker also added that these vehicles were made in Michigan factory from February 12, 2012, to August 26, 2016. It also needs to be done on Ford Focus RS versions that left the production line in Saarlouis facility between August 3, 2015, and August 26, 2016.

Further reports suggest that Ford does not have any information that these problems caused any incidents or injuries. We also received figure indicating that total of 73,915 vehicles will be included in this recall. Precise figures show that 64,038 vehicles are on US territory while 9,877 are located in Canada.

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Without a doubt, this is only a small issue, but we are still glad to see that Ford is willing to inform us about it. To all owners of these vehicles, we suggest to go and solve this small inconvenience.