10 Free Flipbook Software to Convert PDF to Flipbook


Different software solutions can make our lives a lot easier. One of them definitely is a flipbook software that has the capacity to convert any PDF to a Flipbook. Flipbook definitely is one of the best options when we talk about publishing content on your website or anywhere else. The human eye is ungrateful and it is hard to keep the attention of the readers. But, if you know how to make it attractive, then your task will be much easier.

Finding a flipbook isn’t difficult as there are many of them online. But, finding the free ones that can meet your expectations is a bit more challenging. Because of that, we would like to highlight 10 free flipbook tools that deserve your attention. Let’s go!



Flipbuilder is a very practical tool that can help people convert PDFs into interactive digital flipbooks with multimedia with a couple of clicks. It is a perfect solution for people that want to create interactive catalogs, brochures, magazines, and other forms of promotional materials.

This flip book software is used by some of the most successful brands and institutions that participate in different industries. Some of them worth mentioning are LexisNexis, ProQuest, TalkTalk, and others. It also offers premium packages with advanced features for a very affordable price.

Generally speaking, we always put into consideration the reviews and feedback of previous and current customers. Most of the reviews we found during our research were positive. That gives us additional confirmation this tool is amazing!



Without any doubt, FlipHTML5 is one of the leading companies in the PDF flipbook maker industry. It has been used by different marketers and designers for a very long time. Apart from typical conversion that is available for free, you can also customize the PDF and make the content more interesting and engaging. The customization service comes with some cool options!



As the name of this tool suggests, you can literally create any flipbook you want. Converting the PDF will last for a couple of minutes and you can complete the entire process with a couple of clicks. Currently, the company has more than 200k users. Also, it is worth mentioning they collaborate with some worldwide known brands such as Dell, Balfour Beatty, AirBnB, etc. The tool is compatible with different operating systems such as Android, iPhone, Windows, etc.


PDFEscape is not just your typical PDF editor; it’s a gateway to creating visually appealing flipbooks. With its user-friendly interface, PDFEscape allows users to seamlessly transition from editing PDFs to converting them into interactive flipbooks. The standout feature of PDFEscape is its ability to retain hyperlinks within the PDF, ensuring that your flipbook remains as interactive as possible. Further, its cloud-based nature means you can access and convert your PDFs into flipbooks from anywhere, anytime. Collaborations with brands like Adobe and Google Drive make it a reliable choice for professionals and beginners alike. The feedback from its vast user community is overwhelmingly positive, emphasizing its ease of use and efficiency.



This software is mostly used by small businesses. It is a great option for all the people that plan to design and create textbooks, newsletters, catalogs, magazines, etc. The entire process is extremely easy. You can find a video on their website that explains how to use the tool. Based on our research, we have concluded that most of its users are pretty satisfied.



FlipCreator is an amazing 3D HTML5 flipbook creator that lets its users convert any form of PDF. Currently, they have more than 1.5 million active users. Using this tool can be quite beneficial. All the users will manage to control almost every element of their flipbook. This gives you the option to turn your ideas into reality. You can use it on different devices such as iPhones, Android smartphones, PC, etc. We have found a lot of positive testimonials and reviews about this tool. That is another reason why we recommend it to our readers.



It doesn’t matter if you are using Mac or Windows. Converting PDF to flipbook with this tool is possible in both cases. You can download the app and complete the job with a couple of clicks. The tool is great for different promotional materials such as brochures, magazines, eBooks, etc. It can also be great for people that want to create an outstanding portfolio. The good and unique thing about this software is that you won’t have to skip boring ads while using it. We totally respect that!



The name of this tool tells the full story – you can use it for flipping PDFs into flipbooks. We checked this tool and we can confirm that there are a big number of formats that your customers will like. We also believe you will like them as well. The book allows you to make modifications that will make your flipbook more entertaining. The biggest advantage of all is the size of the output file. We know that many of you are dealing with it. But, with this tool, you won’t have such a problem. Getting files of all sizes is possible!



This is the first tool on this page that does not contain the word “Flip” in its name. However, that does not mean it is bad. The tool allows you to convert any pDF to an online flipping book. We have to admit the tool is pretty customizable. It comes with pretty amazing backgrounds, control styles, easy navigation, etc. The size of the page you plan to convert is irrelevant as all are accepted. The dashboard of the tool is pretty simple and you will easily make the necessary edits.

P.S. Heyzine is ad-free.

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This tool is completely suitable for all Mac, Windows, and web users. We are pretty sure you will love the opportunity to reach your readers on different devices. We have also noticed that not only small-business owners are using it. According to reviews that we have found, there are also many mid-market businesses that are using it as well.


We will end our list with another great flipping tool for users of different devices. The tool really does not have any complex requirements. You will easily complete the entire process and convert your PDF into a flipbook. You can use it for different forms of promotional materials such as brochures, magazines, newsletters, etc. The tool comes with some amazing elements that will make your flipbook even more engaging.


You now know more information on the top 10 PDF to flipbook converters. We do not want to say that they are the only ones that deserve your attention. However, based on our research, they are the best ones. We recommend you try out a couple of them to find the one that meets your requirements and expectations.