Many online platforms are offering you the possibility to subscribe to their services and pay monthly fees. For example, that is the most popular solution with streaming services and various apps. Many people find it quite convenient especially if the payments are automated. On the other side, it can cause some issues as well.

People can easily lose focus and subscribe to too many online services. For example, if there is a new TV show available only on a certain platform, people will pay for a subscription that is usually made to last until you unsubscribe. It is not a rare case that users will forget about their subscriptions, which will lead to increased expenses over time.

You might be paying for several online platforms that you are not even using, and notice that only after checking your balance. In that matter, it is crucial to focus more when you are paying for any services online and check their terms.

On the other side, most online platforms today have already introduced this feature, and even those free websites offer various benefits if you choose to become a pro user. The best way to manage your subscriptions and deleting accounts on those websites that you are not using anymore is to use an app or a website. If you are interested in that option, visit this website.

It is essential to be more focused on the services that you are paying. People are choosing to use various platforms too easily. For example, a paid subscription of only $10 per month doesn’t seem as too much, but paying for over 10 different services can lead to high expenses, and the main problem is that people often forget to unsubscribe. Here are the best ways to control your accounts and paid subscriptions.

Check Your Bank Account

You can simply check your monthly expenses for various websites by checking your balance. The great thing is that most people are already using apps to check their bank accounts, where you can find details about all kinds of services that you are paying for. Therefore, use the app to make a list of all online platforms and make a decision about which one of them is not necessary. After that, visit these websites one by one and turn off the subscription.

Use a Mobile App

The easiest solution is to use an app where you can manage all your accounts in one place, check the amount of money you are spending, and choose which options should be canceled. There are many benefits of choosing online streaming platforms. For instance, most new series and movies will become available here much sooner than on TV. You can save a lot of money by canceling your cable provider and use only these options.

However, the problem is the high competition on the market, where each one of them has something special to offer. The best strategy is to pay only while you are watching a certain show. The process of registration and cancellation is quite simple as well. The best option for tracking your accounts is to use a mobile app. Here are some of the best options.

Truebill; The main feature of this app is that it is available for both iOS and Android devices, and you can quickly create an account. It has a simple interface where you can check all of your accounts and how much money you are spending. Also, you can easily redirect to the website that you can delete your account. There is a model where you can pay a small monthly fee and get benefits like automatic cancellations, customer support, recommendations, and more.

Subby; This option is storing all data on the cloud, and you can easily monitor all of the services that you are paying for online. Whenever you pay for some service, the app will send you a notification, which is a great way to keep track of your expenses.

Trim; The best thing about this app is that it can improve the safety of your accounts. It can track your spendings and provide you with detailed reports of your subs. Also, it can help you to find discounts and various interesting offers and save a lot of money as well.

Do Not Pay; There are many other online services besides the streaming platforms, and you can manage all of your spending’s with this app. For example, you can pay parking tickets, cancel some accounts, report issues with some platforms, and get full details about your online activities. It will help you to save a lot of money.

There are certain programs that you can use on your PC as well. Maybe the best option is to combine the mobile apps and desktop programs to always be aware of your accounts. There are many platforms available today for all kinds of stuff like movies, news, ordering food, training, and much more.

Last Words

As we already mentioned, the main problem with these online payments is that people can easily lose focus and track of their accounts. There are many services that costs under $10, and you will easily decide to start using it. However, most of them includes automatic subs, which means that they will charge for their services each month until you unsubscribe. A lot of users finds it bothering to visit all of the apps that they are not using only to cancel subscriptions even though that process represents only a few steps where you can pause or delete your account.

You might already be suing several streaming services, an app that will track your training performances, online stores that offers discounts if you subscribe, and many other websites. An excellent offer that might seem cheap and useful can cause you to waste a lot of money each month.

The best way is to control yourself and determine which options are necessary and which ones you actually do not need. For example, you can check when some TV show is airing, and then pay for the service only until your finish with that show.