We all heard that saying which states that love hurts, but none of us knew that winning might hurt as well. In a freak accident on Sunday Jason Anderson who won a race in FIM Motocross of Nations got smacked on the head by a stray motorcycle.

Apparently, after Jason Anderson crossed the finish line, a bike of a lapped rider came flying toward him and hit him in the head. In the video (accident occurs at around 2:20) all of this looks very brutal, but the reports are good, his team said he is OK.

Fox Sports are reporting that he was awake and alert after the incident and that he was transported directly to the medical center at the venue. We also stumbled upon a tweet from TransWorld Motocross which stated that Anderson was sent to a local hospital for a checkup and a mandatory concussion check and that everything was OK and that he had no other injuries.

When all of this happened, Anderson was in a race that combined Open and MX2 classes, and his win put the US in the lead for the said event. What was a bad stroke of luck is that Anderson had to miss out on the third and final race of the day, which didn’t help his team’s overall standings.

Apparently according to Anderson’s team and himself this wasn’t the first injury of the weekend. Anderson stated that he had a bad luck on the qualifiers where he got hit on turn one and injured his leg, but decided to race on Sunday despite the injury. This accident was his second strike of bad luck and as he stated “We’ve got everything checked out and I’m going to be OK. It’s just a bit of a bummer I couldn’t get out there in the last moto to help team USA battle for the win.”


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