How did the feud between Vin Diesel & The Rock actually end?


You are aware that Vin and Dwayne had what is probably one of the biggest feuds that Hollywood has seen lately. It was so big that it almost ruined the last installment of that F&F franchise – The Fate of the Furious. We all know that both of these figures are great men both literary and figuratively and there was no chance that this thing would not be settled, but what interest both you and us is just how exactly this clash of titans have finished. The answer might shock you.

Since the first movie Vin, right alongside now late Paul Walker, was the main character and a shot caller but as the franchise progressed this started to change. After the introduction of Hobs (Dwayne’s character), F&F universe got rattled, and Vin started to “lose” his spotlight. The situation got heated up mostly because there were preparations for a separate spinoff for Dwayne’s and Statham’s character. This was a product of great chemistry between these two guys and the fact they have appeared on screen so much. To tease this production even put a teaser at the end of The Fate of the Furious.

This was not something that Vin liked, and he had the Universal studio cut that scene. Thanks to this the production had to recall all the movie prints, and the whole thing could’ve been a big a fiasco, but thankfully years of experience managed to pull this entire thing together and make it happen. But Vin did not make this decision just out of spite, it happened just after Dwayne went public calling someone in the movie a “candy ass” (Vin Diesel) mainly because he likes to keep his co-stars waiting.

This unfortunate situation is what started this whole feud thing that has been ended at least that was what reports suggested, then once again and in a recent report it has finally finished with news that both Vin and Dwayne are preparing to make Fast and Furious 9. Thankfully we will see both of them once again in what should be another action packed and amazing part of the franchise.

Now for the disappointing part. When you do the math the only that could end this (and makes the most sense) is the huge paycheck. The almighty dollar won again and managed to conquer these two great men and most importantly make them play nice! Well that is probably not the ending most of you (and us) hoped or wanted to see, but there it is. Boring as it might be it is what happened, but we can not shake the feeling that an all out fist fight in three rounds would be a better solution. It would, without any doubt, settle once and for all who the actual franchise leader is, but that is Hollywood for ya!