What’s the Difference Between Feminized and Regular Cannabis Seeds


Cannabis is undoubtedly a plant whose use has been known since the time of ancient civilizations. Later, it becomes a narcotic, and as such the potential is repressed and now, in fact, the world is rediscovering it. If it were discovered now it would be glorified and worshiped because of its exceptionally rich composition and high potential in the treatment of many diseases and conditions, from pain to cancer.

Cannabis as a plant contains over 500 known phyto-components, of which 120-140 are cannabinoids. As we become aware of the advantages it has, so does the need to grow cannabis under strictly controlled conditions. That is why there are so many laboratories worldwide.

How can I buy feminized or regular cannabis seeds?


Buying cannabis seeds is not a simple task as it is with other plants. Quality marijuana seeds, especially feminized seeds, are not cheap compared to other seeds. Practically, they are the most expensive part you need to invest in, before growing cannabis plants alone.

As you can see, we mentioned something named feminized seeds, so you’ve noted that it’s something different than regular seeds.

Buying seeds of any type is not the same everywhere in the world. It all depends on where you live and how legalized cannabis is where you are. According to Jealousy weed strain, feminized seeds are beneficial for a number of reasons. The main reason is to reduce the chances of pollination. To control the quality of cannabis, it is necessary to control the “behavior” of the plant itself.

Sometimes it is necessary to eradicate as many males as possible because the females have the necessary characteristics to reproduce the plant. In fact, if pollination occurs, most of the stems will become male. And if only a few male stems are left, then breeding for commercial purposes can be controlled.

What is the standard seed?


The traditional i.e. standard seed is the one you find in marijuana flowers. In nature, this seed is the result of the pollination of a female plant by a male one. It is estimated that 66% of the traditional seed will grow into a female plant, while the rest will grow into a male plant. The goal is to keep the male plant number as small as possible.

When growing standard seeds, you can’t know what’s the gender of your plant until you see the first flowers. If you grow it this way, you don’t have much control over the plant’s gender and how it would behave in so-called adulthood.

Standard seeds result in quality and durable plants, which may not have the enhanced features as feminized plants for medical purposes. We all know things are better when they are natural, but sometimes it takes more effort until you find the right balance in your cannabis growth.

Feminized seeds


A feminized seed is a specially modified seed to grow into a female plant. A quality feminized seed has a 95% probability of growing into a nice and healthy female plant.

Also, this type of seed grows faster than the traditional one and is not so sensitive to changes in the environment. People use many methods to create feminized seeds, but the most important today is the method of using a solution of silver thiosulfate, which causes a special hormonal reaction in the plant. As a result, it changes its gender.

Will all plants from feminized seeds be female?

According to genetics, all the feminized seeds would result in female strains. Also, the chances of feminized seeds bearing hermaphrodites are becoming rarer as the use of hermaphrodites as pollinators are phased out and replaced by new breeding programs and techniques.

Some generally expected success rate is above 90% female plants, as a result of feminized seeds.

But what exactly is the purpose of such cultivation?

Female cannabis plant specimens, when they dominate your lab, can save you a lot of time and money.

What you need to watch out for are actually fake sellers of feminized seeds. Many have tried to make money in an unfair way, but you should purchase seeds only from sellers who guarantee the quality of their products.

Differences between feminized and regular cannabis seeds


At first, if you just look at them, you won’t notice any differences between the two types of seeds. Laboratory analysis can easily determine the gender of your seeds, but you can also make a good judgment yourself.

However, you will need more time because you need to observe how the plants actually grow. For example, female seeds produce only one plant, while ordinary seeds can grow into intersex or hermaphrodite plants, as well as male and female.

To avoid bad genetic crossbreeding, cannabis breeders insist on feminized seeds. Many people find that feminized seeds have weaker characteristics compared to their normal counterparts.

As an advantage of feminized seeds, we can include their germinating on their own, without a male. They are mostly produced in a laboratory and are collected from plants that are strictly controlled. And of course, this way of growing can save you both time and money. The bonus is that it takes less human effort, so you can generally do it yourself.

On the other hand, regular seeds have pure genetics, as nothing has been altered in any way. They do not need any chemical treatment, and practically, the females create their own clones of the males from which they were pollinated. The result is a stronger plant that can survive in a variety of conditions.


Feminized seeds are separated and sorted under strict laboratory conditions. Their growth is constantly controlled by experts in phytology and horticulture. They are used to enable fast and efficient seasonal cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

On the other hand, if everything is left to nature, then the males would become dominant in the space where you grow them. What we know is that the female plants are far better than the male ones, but also that if breeding is not controlled, the chances of unwanted plant reproduction are high.

For this business to be successful, focus on females, especially if you are serious about growing and selling cannabis products professionally.