6 Things to do if You Want to Feel More Confident in the Bedroom


A bedroom is a place where you have to feel safe and be as relaxed as possible. However, sometimes it is not easy to create a good atmosphere and then it starts to be uncomfortable and you feel vulnerable. It is natural to want to feel more relaxed in those moments. So read some of our tips that will help you restore peace and a pleasant atmosphere in your bedroom.

So, if you feel that your sexual self-confidence is not at an enviable level, it is time to do something. Remember that a lack of confidence in your sexual skills and abilities directly affects all other aspects of your life. Below you can find out what to work on and how to improve your self-confidence in sex. This will also improve your self-image and remain a sexually confident man.

1. Use help

There is one problem that a lot of men face. It is erectile dysfunction that can significantly affect your quality of life. Of course, sometimes the problem is of a medical nature, but it is mostly psychological. This phenomenon causes men to feel bad when they think about their past and future sexual experiences. In this way, there is a loss of self-confidence, because bad thoughts do not stop coming. This kind of negative thinking can only do more harm, because every time it arouses a feeling of anxiety during a sexual encounter.

However, this does not mean that there is no way to get rid of this bad feeling. It is enough to have success in a sexual act once or several times in order for your self-confidence to return forever. Take advantage of some popular aids that will solve your difficulty in maintaining an erection and it will be a great way to stop this negative narrative. Inform yourself about possible solutions at aptekakamagra.pl

2. Full presence


Of course, it is clear to us that you are physically present during sex and that you want it very much. However, sometimes people simply cannot control the flow of thoughts that leads to a drop in mood and other unpleasant situations. It doesn’t even have to happen, but the quality of sex will significantly decrease, without you even being aware of it. So try to be as present as possible so as not to get entangled in wrong thoughts during this act. No matter how much you like your partner, you may be worried about your body, face, posture, etc.

You need to understand that your partner does not care what your face looks like during sex or whether your arms are muscular enough. The other person is focused solely on the sense of pleasure you are giving her as she is giving you. You should follow it in that, because that way you will embrace all the feelings that come to you and you will not think about things that have no place there. This is exactly how you will divert your thoughts and increase your self-confidence because you will totally indulge in physical experience during sex.

3. Delaying orgasm


Masturbation not only lifts your mood, provides a pleasant feeling and creates relief, it can also provide you with a certain type of knowledge. By that we mean establishing control over your arousals and thus giving you a deeper understanding of sensations during sex. This is achieved by delaying orgasm. You will achieve this by stopping masturbation after you get close to the climax and try to get as close as possible. After trying this technique a few times, you will realize that your confidence improves. The reason is that your focus is no longer on orgasm but on prolonging the pleasure. However, many men claim to have experienced much stronger orgasms in this way.

4. Talk

Although the conversation is the last thing that comes to mind in the bedroom, think about it a little more. If you never talk to your partner, you are missing out on a great party. Everyone is well acquainted with scenes from movies in which partners do not have to say a word and already have wild sex. Maybe this can work when you’ve known someone for quite some time, but even then instinct can fool you. Instead of constantly trying to guess what your partner wants, ask him. Otherwise, you may become poorly informed and your partner will not be satisfied, which leads to poor self-confidence.

So encourage yourself and talk about what you like or don’t like. Listen carefully to what the other party is telling you and try to apply it all in the bedroom. If you succeed in at least one thing, we are sure that you will raise your sexual experience to a higher level. This automatically affects your self-confidence, because you will learn some new techniques that your partner likes.

5. Be realistic


Sex is first and foremost a state of arousal. Then we get the most creative ideas and we have strange thoughts. Sometimes we can get lost in all of this and have unrealistic expectations of a partner or the act itself. When our idea does not coincide with the facts, there is a drop in mood and loss of self-confidence. That is why it is important to exclude some factors, because there should not be too many of them. Don’t expect every sexual experience to go perfectly, because sometimes things don’t go according to plan.

If you are prone to fantasizing, take some time to come up with amazing sex games. However, if they don’t even happen, apply improvisation and you will see that you will be even better. Don’t make it difficult for yourself by fearing that something unexpected will happen, because sex is full of such events. Try to prepare for the worst by thinking for a while about all the unpleasant situations such as lack of erection, accidental stroke, etc.

6. Practice

It is important to like ourselves. This refers to our experience, knowledge, expertise, but also appearance. Often the reason for internal dissatisfaction is the external appearance. This does not necessarily mean that you are dissatisfied with every part of your body, but it is enough to think that you do not have enough muscular back and that your self-confidence decreases. That is why training is always a good thing, because you will feel equally beautiful inside and out. You will be more active in the bedroom, which your partner will like a lot.


We hope we’ve helped you adopt a few simple techniques to help you build your self-confidence. We are sure that you will feel the herbs after them, and women will always notice that.