Features of the SnatchBot Version 2

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Snatchbot is a completely free and cloud-based Artificial Intelligence chatbot platform that can be used to build bots for various social media chats such as Skype, Viber, Facebook’s Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram and a lot more. With SnatchBot, you will be to avoid all the complexity of the bot building process and will help you to create the perfect messaging bot personality to give your customer the best possible experience. This app has many features to improve your bot and security to keep all your customer’s information safe.

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With the release of version 2 of the platforms, you will see a lot of added features and many more options than what its competitors offer. While building a new version, Avi Ben Ezra managed to add all the needed features to create a unique communication tool that people can use it for their organizations and businesses. Avi Ben Ezra has great experience and knowledge in the world of chatbot technology and Artificial intelligence. He is also the CTO of the company.

Newly added features in Version 2 of Snatchbot

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As with every major update on applications, Snatchbot too, got a major overhaul of its interface, which makes the whole experience for the user to be much simpler. This new interface is completely customizable, it has nice visuals and gives all the needed information to the user to help them navigate through the features and to control the messages. A great thing about the new version of Snatchbot is that you do not need to know any advanced coding knowledge if you want to add new and impressive features to your bot.

They have managed to achieve this through machine learning and AI. In other words, this app is everything you need and will do all the work for you.
Each interaction with your bot from Snatchbot is tracked and can be easily accessed if you believe there is data that you need. By tracking the interactions and understanding the data you get out of the conversations, you can use that information to improve the experience of your bot.

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It is worth mentioning that Snatchbot also offers over 50 templates that can be used to create a custom bot.
Another reason why this platform excels and outperforms its competitors is that it has extensive analytics, which can give you a great view of the data you have collected, whether its phone numbers, emails or names. With so much data and insight into that data, you can easily improve your conversation, so you face less failed conversations with your customers. Better conversations will result in happier clients.

One more important thing to note about Snatchbot is its new and improved Text-to-speech. While this may not seem like such an advanced feature, it can provide your chatbot with its own unique character and will help your customers who are visually impaired.
Last but not least, Snatchbot offers a completely free version that has no microtransactions or purchasable upgrades. This free version can come in handy if you are a start-up company or a non-profitable organization, and you can easily add in countless features to your chatbot.