Veteran soccer player, Bastian Schweinsteiger is an outcast in Manchester United and the way out of that situation would be if he signed with FC Dallas.

Dan Hunt, the president of the US club has a high level of respect for the German midfielder. Although he is looking for a striker, he might change his opinion because of Bastian Schweinsteiger, who has been demoted when Jose Mourinho arrived and is now in the U21 squad. However, he will only be able to sign with the MLS club after the season is finished in December.

Hunt told :” He is an incredible player. I always admired him and the success that his teams had. That is no coincidence – he is a winner. At the moment we only have space for one designated player and we wanted to fill this with a striker. Maybe it will change, we will see.”

Lukas Podolski, the former teammate of Bastian Schweinsteiger told Bild:”I think America is great. Moving abroad is good for personality development and it would also be good for our children. Clearly, it would be possible to play with Schweinsteiger in the States. What happened to him [at Manchester United] is unfair.”

However, Schweinsteiger, who is currently 32 still hopes to get a chance in the English club. He said: “The transfer window is closed in the USA so I’m not going there now. It’s my dream still to play for Manchester United and if I get a fair chance, I believe in it.”