Fast and Furious inspired 1993 Honda Civic on sale! This one is really cheap!


What will be immediately clear is that this ‘93 Civic is neither fast nor furious, and it will not land you any trophies from drag races but what it will bring you is a decent amount of cash left over in your wallet after you buy this car. Its listed price on Craigslist is $2,499 which is a true bargain for the real buyer.

The vehicle, as you can see from the pictures, is inspired by the Fast and Furious movie franchise and it has “suffered” a lot of changes from its owner in order to stand itself out from the crowd. The owner decided to invest a hefty sum of money and his own time to do just that, and the result of that efforts is the car you see here in the pictures which are listed on Craigslist with the title “FAST AND FURIOUS HONDA CIVIC.”

Some of the mods that have been added to this ’93 Civic is the new body kit, two-tone paint job, decals on its sides, and a new set of rims that received a bright orange finish. This is, of course, just what you see from the images, but the owner has a lot more “…done to it to list.” Some things from that long list are carbon fiber hood with pins and side mirror caps made from the same lightweight material, along with an aftermarket air intake kit, stainless steel exhaust, and a high-end sound system.

As it was listed, this ’93 Civic has 127,000 miles (204,387 km) on the engine, and 200,000 miles (321,869 km) on the chassis, but it is said to be in proper driving condition. It is also written to have a clean title, as the seller claims in a… handwritten piece of paper, which is slightly unordinary if you ask us, but hey, the entire vehicle is as well, so why should this be any different.