4 Fashionable Ways To Wear A Baseball Cap


A baseball cap is a great accessory for a first impression and, in addition, it can be a great accessory to protect your face from the sun – or a lifesaver for a bad hair day, and we all have those days once in a while. Today, they are worn equally by men and women on different occasions. Today, a baseball cap fashion role has almost surpassed its practicality. Therefore, we present 4 fashionable ways to wear the baseball cap.

Hats Have Always Been Fashionable

This is the truth! Hats have always been in fashion, in their various shapes and forms. However, hats also have their role – so they are not just a fashion accessory that characterizes you. On the contrary, you are the one who is sending a particular message wearing them. At the beginning of the 19th century, hats and caps were part of the clothes of every dignified person. Back then, a man or a woman would not leave their home without a hat on. Hats were a social symbol – and today we look at them a little differently.

The Brief History Of Baseball Cap


Baseball caps have a long history. Namely, at the beginning of the 20th century, these caps were very famous on the entire American continent – and they were recognized as the Brooklyn style. During the 40s of the last century, this early model of a baseball cap – underwent a redesign. Then, this cap takes on a modern, recognizable look. As these hats became mainstream over time – people started to experiment with style, turning it backward or sideways as a way of showing their attitude. The caps were also accepted by music stars, such as rappers, punk rockers – and even new-age music and movie stars of the 2000s. Celebrities have started using these caps in order to protect their face from aggressive fans and journalists. So today, we can say this type of cap is a little bit of fashion, a little bit of an attitude – and definitely a need.

Wearing A Baseball Cap


If you haven’t been wearing such a cap before, maybe it’s the right time to try it out and add a new stamp to your personal style. However, if you have not worn these hats so far and fitted them with your wardrobe – you may find yourself wondering how to wear them the right way. Still, don’t worry, because there are several ways you can wear a baseball cap – so you can get a unique fashion whole. That way, you will feel more comfortable and have more self-confidence.

1. Casual Style

Although we usually tie a baseball cap to sportswear and similar combinations – this is not necessarily the case. Today’s street fashion and casual style are extremely suitable for combining such baseball caps. However, according to high5shop.se, you have to be careful how you style them – so that you don’t look funny instead of cool. A complete fashion hit is combining them with tunics and sweaters of different textures – from knitwear to velvet. However, if you play with colors, it is advisable to always play on a safe combination – which is black, gray, or navy blue. This way you will add a touch of sophistication to the overall styling. Also, you can wear these hats with casual pants or skate pants – and they work great in combination with leather or suede boots.

2. Back To 90s Fashion


Although the baseball cap is an accessory that is a classic that can never be completely forgotten – it has not been on the fashion radar for a very long time. The situation changed some time ago – more precisely since fashion trends started to move in the direction of comfortable and cool clothes, which in most cases were inspired by trends from the 90s. Such circumstances went hand in hand with the all-time baseball cap – which has returned in style thanks to Instagram stars. Speaking of the style of the ‘90s, it means combining the lower part of a tracksuit, a minimalist top – and a baseball cap of various colors and prints. You can let your imagination run wild because everything is allowed.

3. High Fashion Streetwear

Many famous brands such as Gucci, YSL, or Prada have included modified baseball caps in the accessories we see on the catwalks. Rhinestones, crystals, sequins, and different colors dominate the new Haute couture street style which is popular among famous – but also among new fashion influencers. However, keep in mind that these baseball caps only complement the expensive branded wardrobe, which is mostly reserved for music stars or other celebrities.

4. Autumn-Winter Combination


Trendsetters say that a baseball cap is the most desirable fashion accessory for the fall and winter seasons. We can wear them in combination with popular bomber jackets, oversized hoodies, and casual pieces of clothing. It is interesting that fashion bloggers combine baseball caps with Burberry coats, dresses, and many other pieces of clothing that are not in a sports style. Even footwear can follow this style: from flat UGG boots, through leather jockey boots, to those with high heels. The choice depends on how bold you are to wear some of these clothing combinations.

Baseball Caps Are Truly An Indispensable Accessory This Season


Accessories have become an unavoidable part of all our fashion combinations. Still, the baseball cap rules the style of the most popular athletes, trendsetters – and fans of striking stylings. The great advantage of this fashion and sports detail is its practical side, but also aesthetic value – so baseball caps can be worn on different occasions and fashion combinations. It is very important to know the difference between fashionable baseball cap models – and those intended for different sports. Namely, the materials and technologies from which they are made are completely different. However, both are considered unavoidable accessories in every closet. The variety of brands, colors, and designs will surely attract you because the offer of baseball caps is extremely large today. Choose them wisely, according to your needs – and as soon as you decide on the models that suit you best, get one for yourself.