Fan Starts A Petition For WWE To Fire Braun Strowman


Roman Reigns took a huge beating this past Monday Night at the hands of a Mountain of a Man, Braun Strowman. The segment that we have seen on Raw was brutal and very well done. It built up Braun as one of the biggest and the most dominant superstars that WWE has on its roster. But, some of the fans weren’t really happy about it. Some of them were really angry.

In today’s world, everybody knows that pro wrestling is pre-scripted entertainment. It is a show which people watch to be entertained by the storylines and the high-flying moves and fast-paced action in the ring. Most of the viewers know that wrestling is not a real competitive sport. It is just made to look that way.

But, some of the younger fans might not be aware of this. On a website that is used by people to write petitions, one used it to write a petition in order to gather support for the firing of Braun Strowman after he beat up Reigns on Raw. She was disgusted with what she saw as her hero got destroyed by Moutain of a Man. It is clear as a day that the girl doesn’t really know that this is all scripted and that is why she wrote that.

Most of Roman’s fans are women and kids like this girl who went to and started this petition. Kids like superhero characters like Cena once was, and now Reigns is. The emotions are running high when it comes to children with this girl being the perfect example.