Facebook will soon become your favorite shopping cart, order food online through FB pages


The social networking giant, Facebook, has another promising feature to give its loyal customers. Partnering with the website, Delivery.com, people can now easily order their favorite menu online. Catering to about forty cities in the United States, the website helps restaurants to provide their customers with the ability to place their orders online through their corresponding Facebook pages.

How do they do this? The company has implemented a new function where restaurants can display their menus as well as how to place orders on these Facebook pages. They only have to register their company at Delivery.com. Their shopping cart will automatically be added to their page on Facebook.

Customers, on the other hand, do not need to sign up for Delivery.com to make a purchase. They only need to add their credit card information on their Facebook account. Deliver.com will take responsibility to resolve payment issues whenever it happens.

In an interview with Quartz, Facebook said that it is not receiving any compensation for this service. It also has no plans to bill these restaurants or Delivery.com for this feature. It only aims to make their Facebook pages more functional than it ever had been.

Functionality is indeed very important for Facebook. This is because the company relies simply on advertisements for profits. The longer a person is on Facebook, the greater is the possibility that such person will see an ad or even on it. There is the chance for Facebook to earn income. Hence, Facebook will work hard and do everything it can to make people stay longer the website than they normally would.

Facebook, however, is not the first to operate this service. WeChat in China and Line in Japan were the pioneers of this apps. Long before Facebook ever thought of this move, these two companies had already been making progress in creating a unified hub where people can make all their business transactions. Hence, Facebook is catching up with these online geniuses in this online position.


They had already integrated the Uber app as well as other brands into the Messenger. Along with the existence of its developer platform which helps businesses create a chat robot, the social networking company is able to pursue its dream of becoming the ultimate online business transaction center in the world. The success of this endeavor remains uncertain. There are plenty of other companies contending for this position.

Besides, Delivery.com is but small contender in the industry. Facebook just cannot rely on it alone. It will have to open its doors to other companies not just in the U.S. but also overseas if they want to see progress in this venture.