Facebook Pushing People to Messenger Service by Disabling Mobile Web App

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is slowly pushing people to its Messenger app service, and they have found a new way to do it. Facebook recently sent users of the mobile web application a message which read, “Your messages are moving to Messenger.” The news comes at a cost for some of the popular social media network who were using the web app so as to avoid using Messenger.

As of now, the notice can just be ignored, and users can go on with their normal work, but it will come to fruition in summer. After that user doesn’t have an option but to use the official Messenger app. This might be a bit troublesome for other people because they might not have opportunities to download the web application. For others, their phones do not support the Messenger service while for others they aren’t able to upgrade to the latest version of their various operating systems and would have to do it via the web.

The move might also be seen as a hostile move by others, and analysts see it as going against the company’s vision of bringing connection via the Internet to the world, therefore giving people options to connect to the world should be one of the things they should prioritize also.

Facebook was contacted, and they replied saying that the company aimed at providing the best possible experience for its users and the Messenger service was the best options were available. They said that they had decided to offer the best service on the Messenger service, so they wanted to let everyone move over there to experience that.

Other experts believe that Facebook might be looking it and giving a statement to users about the best experience, but they might also have another ulterior motive, which is to help themselves monetize the app. The monetizing act was restricted by users usage of the text-based chat on the web application.

Messenger currently has many features on its service as compared to the chat service on the web application. It is described as full featured, with some features such as the video and sticker options. It has also been looking at putting chatbots into it. But even after all this, users should have the final decision on which application they want to use to communicate with their peers and colleagues.