Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s News Hosting Will Soon Change The Way Media Companies Work


The recent move of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) to host news content from major media companies on its own website will finally force the news giants to change with time. It seems crystal clear that news giants will have to refine their strategy of delivering news content; a step they should have taken long ago.

Media companies made lot of fuss about Facebook Inc’s (NASDAQ:FB) decision. Some feared how it will affect the news providers and their websites. At the same time, many believe that hosting the news content is a positive step for both parties. Whatever may be the case, it is now clear that this coveted news hosting will affect the news providers in ways they should have prepared themselves for long ago.

For one, technology has changed the way readers consume content and news providers are just a step behind when it comes to use technology. The news websites often poorly host their content with frequent pop-ups and ads that affect user experience. Secondly, the online readership of many media companies is declining. In such scenario, it is imperative for news companies to retain their readership. They will have to focus on delivering tailored content on broad spectrum of devices, while keeping quality as priority.

There are many media websites that have already embraced the changes and are thriving as a result. The New Yorker, Techmeme, HBO, Buzzfeed, Grantland, Gruber, Serious Eats, and The Wirecutter are just a few examples of how changing the way you provide content can bring benefit to your business.

These sites focus on quality instead of just putting ads on every article. Thus they have succeeded in developing and retaining their readership. Media companies have to look closer on their content delivery strategy instead of making a fuss about how Facebook Inc’s (NASDAQ:FB) news hosting will affect their business.

In the highly competitive business of news content, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has made a major entry by deciding to host the news content on their website. This will provide a more engaging experience to the users. At the same time, this comes as a reminder to news giants to finally make the changes they should have made years ago.