Facebook Inc (FB) To Come Up With Emotion Buttons But Not “Dislike”

Facebook Like Button

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) will now let its users display other emotions by releasing alternative reaction buttons. As per Engadget in Spain, Facebook will provide users different options to express anger, sadness, shock, happiness, laughter and love by releasing a trial service soon.

This is sometime after Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg disclosed that the social network was planning to have an alternative to the like button. This led to many thinking that Facebook would soon have a dislike button.

As per the report, it looks like that hovering over the like button results in the appearance of seven round icons that can then be chosen. What is not clear is how they will be displayed upon selection.

For instance, a post displaying several reaction button and counts for each could look messy.
When Mark was queried about the dislike buttons, he said that new options were arriving but would be not “Dislike”.

Of the new choices, the red anger face is somewhat like dislike. Mark was not in favor of a dislike button. The reason being Facebook didn’t want to be a platform where folk vote up or down other people’s posts. Zuckerberg has earlier mentioned a “hug” button too.

Facebook will debut the feature on Spain and Ireland users from Friday. The change is simply another manner to express feelings regarding what others post. However, it is a welcome addition since everything put up on the social network is suitable for a link.

This translates into that everyday life’s less glamorous times can ultimately have a better response. The “like” will always be around. But also included will be icons that express other emotions and the list is expected to just increase and get better with the passage of time. The practice to react with emoji or gifs is a common phenomenon on social channels and news portals. In certain times, it is the sole technique to communicate. No wonder Facebook is hopping on the bandwagon.

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