It always remains the dream of tech-enthusiasts with valid degrees, to work at the companies like Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL). It is for this reason that the Silicon Valley remains a dream work location for the Americans as well as the foreigners alike. But, to be able to work at these companies, the foreign nationals require H-1B visa.

While the legislative discussions about expansion of H-1B visa programme are seeking momentum, the debate seems to be paving way towards the U.S. Senate.

Importance of H-1B for Foreigners

For anyone willing to work legally in the U.S., it is mandatory to seek this visa, especially for the ones interested in the technical jobs. Eric Schmidt, the Google executive is lobbying for the expansion of this visa and in relation to the discussion, he explains that the company picks the cream from the world, brings them to the State and grant them diploma. Thereafter, these people are free enough to create their own companies and compete with Google.

The high salary motive

Somewhere in the middle of this, working at Facebook, Google and tech giants alike, has become highly lucrative for everyone. This is so because the median pay offered to applicants of H-1B visas by the companies like Facebook, Google, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and Amazon.com, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) is more than $100K. This continues to increase as well.

Facebook is the most lucrative company and its median salary is $135K, pan all positions. Most of the jobs for which H-1B visa applications are filed include marketing managers, software engineers, computer systems analysts, and financial analysts and systems software engineers.

The largest amounts of salaries are given to the software engineers. Facebook, among all offers the most lucrative median salary and Amazon remains the lowest. Meanwhile, the median for computer systems analysts rests in the smallest range. Most liberal company in this position is Google, while the least is again Amazon.


  1. Eric Schmidt does not have the guts to testify to the Senate because he knows that if he is asked about google’s low level starting hiring, he will have explain the 99.99 percent of rejected stem and it resumes and the huge amount of people on a 3rd party h-1b that work for Google in low level It positions that could have been filled by those rejected resumes.

  2. Direct hires are not the problem with the h-1b system. They represent only a small part of the h-1b usage.

    The real issue is the more than half of h-1b visas that are going to Offshore Outsourcing companies. These companies have been shown to pay about half the amount being paid that the h-1b personal are replacing. Add to this the fact that the whole business model of Offshore Outsourcing companies is to ship entire departments overseas. You can see that most h-1b visas are used to destroy jobs, replace higher better qualified local workers, and lower wages.

    The Offshore Outsourcing companies are the reason why we run out of random access visas each year. They stuff in an excess number of visa requests and force a lottery. To an offshore outsourced it doesn’t matter if h-1b worker A and B don’t make it, worker C will do just fine, because they are all trainees anyway.

    What is missing in the tech crunch data are the huge number of ordinary positions that are being filled by workers from these companies, db admin, tester. Good starting jobs that these companies use third party h-1bs to fill.


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