Lulea data center owned by Facebook which is located close to Arctic Circle is said to be the first of that kind of facility that was outside U.S. in 2013. Facebook is now looking into the facility.

The building is made of colossal buildings that like two buildings facing each other and is about the same size with 17 ice hockey rinks, which makes it possible for countless number of people to be able to make their update status, videos and photos. Facebook will need to keep on increasing its hardware to be able to accommodate the users’ data. Since the introduction of Lulea in 2013, data centers that are similar in nature have been built in Texas and Ireland by Facebook with a new one coming up in Mexico that is coming up in 2018.

There is a lot of energy required for data centers, and Facebook has promised to make its facilities clean with the aim of using not less than 50 percent renewable energy before the year 2018.

The company said the Lulea site is making use of clean energy due to the hydroelectric dams which is part of the attraction for the site. The numerous servers that are located in the center are cooled by arctic air in the region naturally.  The company also pointed out that the Lulea makes use of 40% less energy than is the case with traditional data centers.

What makes Facebook unique is the fact that they design their own hardware for the data center first of all before making it available to engineers and developers to work on.

The rise in popularity of such things as virtual reality, footage, 360-degree video and other types of media will require that Facebook expands to be able to manage the enormous data.

With this expansion, the data storing facility for Facebook itself as a social network will also under improvement and expansion. This will require a lot of job to be done on the side of Facebook who are already occupied with the huge task that Lulea portends.