Ezekiel Elliott Claims Everything Is Under Control


The Dallas Cowboys started off this season unexpectedly, and their 2-2 score is not promising. However, the team’s first running back, Ezekiel Elliott isn’t panicking. It is clear that the team from Dallas needs some back-to-back wins to regain confidence, but Zeke always gives his best whether while running the ball, or catching passes from QB Dak Prescott and making big-time plays.


Elliott struggled against the Denver Broncos with only eight yards, and he received harsh criticism immediately. However, he fought back and proved his status in the game against the Arizona Cardinals next week.

Moreover, he led his team against the Rams with two touchdowns and 97 yards in the first half. Even though everything seemed to be going well for the Cowboys, the Rams woke up in the second half and made an incredible comeback, finishing with a 35-30 victory. Elliott was slowed down in the second half, but he still had an impressive game with 139 total yards, 85 of which were by rushing. He proved that he could take a role of the receiver by catching 4/5 passes.

Are you a Cowboys fan and you don’t feel good about the course of this season? The 2016 NFL rushing champion has a message for you: “We’re taking a little bit longer to progress this year, and I really don’t think it’s a bad thing. You’d rather be hitting your stride mid-season, rather than peaking early …you know what I mean? As long as you hit your peak, it really doesn’t matter how long it takes you. You could lose six games in this league and still go to the playoffs and as long as you hit your stride at the right time, then you’re good.

“…There’s no panic in this locker room at all.”