Ezekiel Elliott Car Crash – Sued For More Than $1M


Ezekiel Elliott, star running back of Dallas Cowboys, is under tremendous pressure. He plays for the biggest, and definitely, one of the most popular sports franchises in the world and expectations are at a high level. On top of that, his off-field activities certainly do not help.

Over the last few years, we could often hear Zeke’s name mentioned in various not so good news and one more just recently came in. This is related to the car crash that he caused in 2017 in Frisco as it has been reported that the man who was in other car has sued young player and is seeking more than $1 million.

Ronnie Barnard Hill decided to file the lawsuit after involved parties couldn’t reach a private resolution. It is said that his BMW was totaled and that he suffered “serious, life-altering injuries.” It is also added that this is the “only way for the victim of an automobile crash to enable a jury to require fair and reasonable compensation.”

Elliott’s attorney said that player’s insurance company will be handling the matter and added that Hill needed to sue Cowboys RB so he could “trigger the insurance coverage.” In Texas, the law says that driver can’t sue insurance carrier of another driver and because of that this lawsuit has been set in motion.


Quentin Brogdon, personal injury lawyer that represents Ronnie Barnard Hill also added that his client is a big fan of both Zeke and Cowboys. He has no fight with Zeke nor the Dallas franchise.

The police report states that Elliott accidentally ran a red light and collided with BMW that was driven by Hill. Multiple airbags were deployed in GMC Yukon while Hill’s BMW sustained more than $33,000 in damage. It was noted in the lawsuit that later on, a tow truck was used to pull apart these two vehicles.

Soon after the crash, Hill went for medical treatment and is still having problems that were caused by accident. There were no further details about injuries that his client suffered and what issues he is currently having.

Zeke was interviewed that day in the Cowboys locker room, and he said: “I’m fine. I’m healthy. I’m good. Like nothing happened. My car’s messed up. That’s about it.”