Eye-catching engagement ring with black diamonds – Why it’s the right choice?

wedding rings with black diamond- segal

Are you looking for an engagement ring that will be cherished by your partner throughout her entire life? The ring that is unique and will reflect the love that you have in your heart? Well, you can end your search right here because black diamond jewelry is something your loved one would cherish forever.

There are a lot of eye-catching engagement rings with black diamonds that you can check at segaljewellery. We all know, that modern women choose the black over anything else and that includes pink as well. And to wear a diamond that is black will surely get them flattered.

wedding rings with black diamond- segal

You can have a memorable engagement with the perfect ring! The black diamonds are carefully placed onto the rings manually using the help of microscopes. This helps the design to be fine and sharp so that the beauty of the ring is highlighted. That is why the engagement rings are being called eye-catching.

In addition, the black color of the diamonds has been enhanced thanks to cutting-edge technologies. The beauty of the diamonds increases even more because of the expert making skills of the employees of our company.

Lotus flower black diamond ring – Lotus

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It is known all over the world, that lotus is the sign of peace and serenity. And if your partner is someone who finds beauty within simple and sophisticated things, then the lotus flower black diamond ring will surely be loved and adored by her.

The structure of the lotus flower has been placed at the center of the ring and the flower has a large black diamond placed at the center. And to enhance the beauty of the ring, even more, some small white diamonds have been carefully placed beside both sides of the flower. The main material of the ring is white gold, completing the whole look.

The ring will definitely look extravagant on the beautiful finger of your lady love. The black diamonds of the ring make sure that the eyes of the guests during the engagement day gets locked at the sight when you will be making your girl wear on the black diamond eternity ring white gold.

Cushion Hidden 4 Carat Diamond Black Diamond Wedding Ring – Nova

wedding rings with black diamond- segal

Elegance is something that modern women are obsessed with. Therefore, the perfect choice might be the Cushion Hidden 4 Carat Diamond Black Diamond Wedding Ring. The beauty of the ring will attract the eyes of all the guests that will be honored at your wedding because of the unique design that the ring has.

The ring has a cushion sort of design with a large diamond which is the main center of attraction. And then the whole external circular band of the ring is covered by simple small black diamond complimenting the whole look of the ring. 100% natural black diamonds are used and the black color has been enhanced using the best technology.

The main metal of the ring has been made with sleek looking 14K white gold. The cutting of the diamonds has been done with accuracy and as previously mentioned that the rings are handmade so the diamonds have been placed in the most secure way that is possible.

This engagement ring with black diamonds metal has been made for weddings and as well as for you to propose your girl. It is so elegant that your girl will jump instantly after she sees it while nodding her head and saying YES!

The Vintage Bling Black Diamond Ring- Vera

wedding rings with black diamond- segal

This ring surely radiates royal vibes. And if you are looking for a ring that looks classy, royal and expensive then going for this black diamond ring vintage will be the best choice that you will make. The main metal of the ring has tactile texture engraved on both sides of the band.

The center of the ring consists of a black diamond that has been placed in a circular setting. The ring consists of real red rubies that have been placed right below the circular structure that compliments the whole look and giving the ring the vibe of being a little bit extra.

However, there is another version of this amazing ring. And the name is The Vintage Bling Black Diamond Ring – Vera No 11. All of the setting and design of the ring are the same, the only difference is that you will be getting a different stone instead of the red rubies. It will be a black diamond ring emerald cut instead! And that is something completely extraordinary.

The main metal of the ring consists of rose gold. That makes the whole ring look complete and perfect for you to get engaged with the love of your life. If you are having a wedding or an engagement ceremony in a lace that seems royal and gives vibes of vintage, making your girl wear this vintage ruby and black diamond ring will definitely make you guys cherish the day your entire life.