Extant Season 3 Has Ended

Source; cinemablend.com

The TV series Extant Season 3 has been canceled after a long period of contemplation. The president of CBS, Glenn Geller, stated that the final decision has been taken by everyone involved in series’ production, including Halle Berry as well. Even though the crew agreed to cancel the show, they pride in its success that lasted for a long time.

Glenn Geller also sent his gratitude to Halle Berry, thanking her for engagement and devotion in the series. He also added that he would love to work with her in future.

As for Halle, she also agreed that canceling the show was a good decision that in a way came naturally. The series has brought her plenty of pleasure and happiness, and she is interested in further cooperation for CBS.

Source; cinemablend.com

Apparently, CBS was interested into Halle Berry taking over the production of a legal drama. The show is conceived by Good Wife’s Steven Lichtman titled, Legalese.

Coming back to Extant, one of the causes for series’ cancellation was its low rating. In fact, it had the lowest rating out of all three dramas aired on CBS. It reached numbers 1.1 in rating in the 18-49 demographic which meant that the series had 6.35 million viewers and fans in total.

But there is also a good reason for this drop in popularity of the series. Namely, at one point, the series stopped sticking to its initial genre, which is sci-fi, and somehow, throughout its showing, started to receive the elements of action drama.

Source; cinemablend.com

Another TV series that has had the same destiny as Extant is Under the Dome which has been canceled after three seasons of airing. This one was inspired by Stephen King, and it had a major success upon its first release in 2013, only to go through a drastic drop in ratings during its Season 2 and Season 3.