Expect Russell Westbrook And Anthony Davis To Post Monster Numbers Every Night


We are just three days into the new NBA season, but it didn’t take long for some players to get into the mid-season form and show us what they are capable of. Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis both already scored 50 or more points this year. Well, don’t expect them to do that every single night, but expect monster numbers from these two. Here is why.

Even though Oklahoma City Thunder is a decent squad without Kevin Durant, they are nowhere near that contending status that Warriors and Spurs have in the Western Conference. They do have some valuable and serviceable players, but only Oladipo is known for his scoring besides Westbrook.


He is their alpha dog, and he is going to keep deciding what is going to happen on the offensive side of the ball for Thunder. Bad shooting nights are guaranteed so he might not score 30+ points every single round, but rebounds and assists are going to be there.

Anthony Davis realizes that he doesn’t have talented players around him. He scored 50 to start the season, and he followed that up with a 45-point effort against the Warriors. They double teamed him all game long, and nobody could do anything about him scoring all game long.

Both of these players are easily the best on their respective squads. That is the reason nobody should be surprised with them recording monster numbers in the first week of the new NBA season. Fatigue is one of the factors that could cause them to slow down later on in the next rounds as they don’t have adequate support from their crew. We shall see how will this go for both players and teams.