Ex-WWE Star Debuts And Wins TNA World Title


It’s really not a secret that TNA is not doing very well at this moment. They have always been deep in the shadows of the WWE and now they have hit the new lows. Their biggest attractions Jeff and Matt Hardy, or actually now Broken Matt and Brother Nero have left the company as their contract demands haven’t been met. To make things even worse, they are probably going to end up with the WWE after Wrestlemania.

Source; smacktalks.org

TNA is looking to stay alive and they are always looking to sign big names that are going to attract some audience and some interest in the product. After leaving the WWE, Cody Rhodes made his TNA debut and the same can be said for Damien Sandow, or Aaron Rex as they are calling him in the Impact Zone. Now, their latest attempt to stay alive is bringing in ex-WWE champion Alberto Del Rio, now going by the name of Alberto El Patron as WWE still has the legal right to his name.

He made a big impact on the latest episode of TNA as he made his debut and challenged their Impact World Champion, also former WWE superstar, Bobby Lashley to a title match. EC3 tried to get involved, but Lashley brushed him off and he has accepted El Patron’s challenge.

Source; wrestlingnews.com

Later that same evening, in the main event, Alberto was able to get a win over Lashley as the story was that referee got knocked out and he didn’t see El Patron cheating to stun Lashley and win the title on his debut night. This is the newest attempt from the TNA to get some media attention and it succeeded as they now have one of the more successful ex-WWE stars on their roster and at the top of the food chain in their company.