Ex-Presidents Gather To Fight Hurricane Together!


One America Appeal‘ is what five former presidents of the US created to raise funds to fight hurricane aftermath after Harvey devastated Louisiana and Texas and to brace Irma ahead of its clash with Florida.

Five former presidents of the United States combine their forces to create a relief fund by the name of ‘One America Appeal‘ which will raise money for recovery period following the destruction of Texas and Louisiana. The fund will also be put to use after Hurricane Irma settles down.


George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, George H.W. Bush and Jimmy Carter stated that they will work together to build a relief fund following the hurricane crisis.

The website is up and running, and you can donate at OneAmericaAppeal.org.

President of the United States of America, Donald Trump also gave his support to this initiative. He tweeted: ‘We will confront ANY challenge, no matter how strong the winds or high the water. I’m proud to stand with Presidents for #OneAmericaAppeal.’

This joint effort is not the only example where few of former presidents teamed up to fight together for a higher cause. However, this is the first time since Mr. Donald Trump got elected. Bill Clinton and the Bush senior raised money for victims of the tsunami in Asia in 2014 and Hurricane Katrina in 2005. There has also been an initiative instigated by Barack Obama and Bill Clinton in 2010 when a massive earthquake hit Haiti.

Hurricane Harvey struck Houston, and there is no surprise as to why the Bush family decided to jump in and give it all they got to fight for the cause. George H.W. Bush lives in Houston, and George W. Bush lives in Dallas. When your hometown is under threat, you do whatever it takes to fight it. And that’s exactly what they did.

Officials claim that they have established a special restricted account through the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library Foundation to quickly gather as much money as they can and also distribute it properly. According to them ‘100 cents out of every dollar’ donated will go to hurricane victims. On top of that, all donations are tax-deductible which is extremely good.

This initiative started when a public service announcement got broadcast on NBC on the Thursday night kickoff of the NFL season.

Money donated to victims of Hurricane Harvey will be distributed to the Rebuild Texas Fund and the Houston Harvey Relief Fund. It is expected that this appeal also covers those hit by hurricane Irma. The state of Florida found itself in its path and Irma is considered to be the most powerful storm ever to arrive from Atlantic.

Floods were a result of Harvey and Houston was hit in particular where there have been around 71 casualties. Almost 200,000 homes were damaged or destroyed. Greg Abbott, Texas Governor, speculated that damage caused by Harvey could span up to $180 billion which would cost more than Hurricane Katrina in 2005.